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  1. Hi there game developers Still need a lot more feedback, its tough to get a community going, so any help is needed. Thanks in advance, and gl with whatever project you may have, would love to hear about them. See this GIF of a simple game flow of Zero RISK online.
  2. Watch our trailer: Zero RISK is a RISK Based browser game with multiplayer support, which you can play at any time, whenever you want. The game have quite a few twists compared to the old risk genre. Instead of 4-8 Players as you would normally see in a Risk board game, you will see 2-8 Factions consisting of hundreds of players on each side, all fighting for the same cause… World domination! Now if you remember, the old Risk game were turn-based, and of course that would not work with hundreds of players in 1 game, so i made Zero RISK as a real-time RTS game, so when your done playing in the evening, the entire world map may look completely different when you wake up in the morning. You may have lost entire continents while you slept, or gained. Some of the current features are: Realtime Gameplay.Create and Import any SVG image into a playable map in the game (Player custom maps supported!).Very interesting combat system, which takes in unit movement, range, armor vs various targets, and the simulation even priorities targets, all in a split second.RPG Features, your account will permanently level up, giving you advantages in all future games.Play with or against hundreds of people around the world.Dynamic population control giving bonus´s to the less populated ones.You have the entire world as your playground divided into thousands of regions for capture.Up to 8 Factions fighting for world dominations.More than 12 Unit types with upgrades in the research facility.Live chat in the game.Combat simulatorClan functions for advanced teamplay and competitions.This is some of the main features, and im sure we have missed some, as im 100% focused on developing, so things change all the time. Join the forums and let us know what you think. I listen to every idea, and i have progress reports of the development. P.S Not all features are open for players yet, as today is the first time taking in players, so were opening features slowly, when we can see the game is stabile and secure. The game is designed for many players, so it may be a bit dull to begin with, so please be patient until the game can kick off. Here are some images of the game:
  3. Hi everyone Well its been quite a few months. We initially started on this game back in September, but since then, we have had quite a ride. We have had developers come and go. At the moment its just me developing, and its going extremely well, and have had a lot of progress. I actually had to delete 80% of our code, as i changed the core of the game, the map. Previously we had a very ressource hogging solution, which did us no good. So i desided to go investigate more, and try various solutions, and game up with using SVG path data, and that made a HUGE impact on our development speed. I have now had more progress over the past week, than we have had the last 3 months, so im very excited. On top of this, a friend of mine which is a software architect, designed our database, and gave us detailed diagrams. This made progress even easier.. So full speed on this project, ive not lost passion! Some of the completed features are: User registrationMap creator (This makes playable maps from path data, and you can pick how many factions you want to be on a map aswell as there starting positions. Once happy, you create the game, and it will become available for everyone to join.Players are able to join servers/games, aswell as join the factions on the map.This in itself was some major features, and from now on its gameplay mechanics im working on. You can my website here, but its not completly finished: Here´s a few images of it so far: ( Yes the left icons is SC2, and temporary, while waiting for our GFX artist. )
  4. Thanks a lot mate, that means a lot, i have already gotten my hands a little dirty hehe Me and a game developer have started the initial steps of making the UI and basic layout of the game. This will give us a much better understanding of how we can make this game function with the least amount of functions/features, so that we can get a live working demo ready, for testing and feedback. Then we will take it from there. The game dev im working with have several mafia/gangster like games created, so we have a big list of playtesters available aswell. So things are looking good for now, i will defitnally check out stack for coders which you suggested. I will return once i have more to show
  5. Hi Deban Thanks for your time. I get that feeling yes, that idea guys isent that welcome However, i fully understand that this isent a free project where people jump on to make my idea for free. We have a budget of $3000-5000, graphics are done by myself, and no audio is required in the initial stage of this game. I do have a detailed explanation of this game, which i can show to the guys interested. Its not really a money maker idea, its a passion of mine which i want to see come alive. Website, forums and promotions/advertising is also done via my company, as thats what we do I am very good at project management, my company have handed out more than 200 projects to indian developer teams trough freelancer, and initially we also looked there for game developers, but there aint many there sadly. Thats why i came here. I will try take a look troughout this forum, and if people wants to speak with me regarding the project, feel free to contact me, also any tips or advice on what to avoid, holes to walk around, then please help, as i am really very new to this area PS: I forgot, i do have 1 coder actually, who have created several Mafia type games, thou he cannot handle this alone.
  6. Hi There H5G. Im looking to get a browser game developed, its a RISK Style game, which will be twisted quite a bit, it will support multiplayer of hundres of players. I would like, possibly a Game dev Guru to have a chat with either over skype or email, to get a better understanding of what my requirements require of me, and most important, where do i find the guys to make this. To give a better understanding of the look and feel of the game, i can give this example: im looking for something close to this, but yet far from (because of my twists) Not sure what comes next, but thats why im here, and seeking advice. Regards Jesper