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  1. well i've learnt a lot. i will add these..... 1. try to use html and css for widgets as much as you can. such as menu, options and stuff. canvas based text cost and will not give you much options. 2.try to compressed ur audio file and cache them where u can. 3. i disagree with not using setInterval and setTimeout completely. what you want an event to be triggered at a certain time? Every game and it's requirements. How ever avoid them as much as you can. 4. Test you game performance please please and please. I recommend chrome dev tools.
  2. Is bled4web a good choice i plan on developing an adventure simple 3d hit and kill game?
  3. There seem to few resources when it comes to getting started with the turbulenz framework. Any one who knows his/her way through the SDK? The documentation seems promising and it would be fun developing with the framewok. https://turbulenz.com