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  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for the replys. I did a few more experiments. These are the variations of the framework I have tried: Phaser.min.js - Error Object doesn't support property or method 'defineProperty', line 3, character 2900 phaser-no-libs.js - no errors, but I need physics and Pixi phaser-arcade-physics.js - Error Object doesn't support property or method 'defineProperty', line 603, character 1 This is the offending code: Object.defineProperty(PIXI.DisplayObject.prototype, 'interactive', { get: function() { return this._interactive; }, set: function(value) { this._interactive = value; // TODO more to be done here.. // need to sort out a re-crawl! if(this.stage)this.stage.dirty = true; }});HOWEVER!! I added this user agent compatibility tag into the head of the doc and it now works! <meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="IE=edge"> I also retro fitted it to the full framework and that fixed it as well.
  2. Hey Everyone, I am developing a game that needs to run in IE9 (unfortunately) and the Phaser framework is throwing errors as soon as the JS file is loaded. Here is a link to illustrate the issue : All I am loading on the page is an un-minified version of the v2.1.0 framework along with the IE9 dataview-polyfill.js This is the offending code chunk ( from line 64,217 of phaser.js ) var process=require("__browserify_process"),global=typeof self !== "undefined" ? self : typeof window !== "undefined" ? window : {},Buffer=require("__browserify_Buffer"),__filename="/..\\node_modules\\poly-decomp\\src\\index.js",__dirname="/..\\node_modules\\poly-decomp\\src";module.exports = { Polygon : require("./Polygon"), Point : require("./Point"),};It looks like there are extra commas being added on the second last line. After some deeper investigation it looks like this is happening throughout the code base which is causing the browser (IE9) to throw the error. Does anyone know a way around this? I started going through and removing the offending commas but there is 80,000 lines of code : / thanks, Josh NOTE : I am using this version of IE9 in a VM on my mac