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  1. I need a Browser Plugin for sublime text 2. thank
  2. thank ninjadoodle, Todo gran viaje comienza con un pequeño paso.
  3. using editor sublime text 2. ? I can detect errors with sublime text 2 ?
  4. I found the solution: add MIME in to configuration of IIS .fnt application/fnt .m4a applicatiion/m4a thank.
  5. GET http://localhost/flyingdog/media/font.fnt 404 (Not Found) pixi.js:14911 PIXI.BitmapFontLoader.load pixi.js:14911 PIXI.AssetLoader.load pixi.js:14198 game.Loader.game.Class.extend.start loader.js:169 game.start core.js:344 (anonymous function) main.js:11 game.loadModules core.js:397 game.loadModules core.js:404 game.loadModules core.js:404 game.body core.js:308 (anonymous function) pixi.js:4
  6. my English is not good but explain my problem: 1- I have IIS installed on computer. 2- I Download your game (Flying Dog). 3- Install Flying Dog on local web server. my problem is : I run the game on my IIS web server and does not respond (http://localhost/flyingdog/) Thank.
  7. I want to learn how to make video game and I can not install Pandajs, I'm trying and I will not use another engine.
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