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  1. I give you a feedback.


    Basically, nice mountain picture but, to me, there's a lack of clarity, on the home page, user gets lost almost instantly especially when scrolling down, fades everywhere, things moving, counters flying around.


    Again that's my impression, and just that, when I get there, it makes me want to hit back button.


    Not straight forward enough.


    "Simple. Profitable. Effective."

    Well, it just doesn't really that way, when I'm on your site.




    For instance, I click on the small "sample" link on top of the page, and I get that.




    It feels broken, the bottom part, it's confusing visually speaking.



    Now that's just a feedback, from a random user, me, consider it or not, as you wish.


    (I could also just have ignored your thread)

    Thank you for your time and efforts  :) 

  2. Click on link...TLDR


    That's what you get from me.


    Frustrating, yes.


    I'm the average retarded user, I never read manuals, I want download button right now, a 3 to 5 steps instructions, maximum,right now, without having to scroll down the page, but most importantly, a clear picture about why I need that right now (the bait, where is it ?)




    So, here, what is it all about ?

    Why do I need that ?

    (go ahead, make some self promotion/PR campaign, in nitwit words preferably)

    What ?  :blink: