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  1. Start here: https://github.com/azerion/phaser-spine/tree/spine-ts
  2. Why not use your example link as inspiration. Or use a particle system of your choice, I can recommend NeutrinoParticles which may be a little daunting at first but quite comprehensive.
  3. I've been down that rabbit hole, there's a lot of UI libraries out there, determining which ones do what and how easy to use is time consuming. You might think your requirement is quite broad, but it's probably quite specific when you consider all of the UI applications. Your requirement sounds like a HUD to me, so be sure to include that term in your searches, I'd start with something like "javascript ui hud" in google. I use dat.gui, it has a specific goal and does that well, it's not a general purpose gui. I also use FomanticUI, it has the feature set and look I wanted, but it's ste
  4. Above v2.6.2, Phaser2 was plagued with performance issues. Amongst other things, the renderer handled multitexture, which even when when not using MT had to do just a bit more work anyway. I tried CE once but reverted back to 2.6.2, as did many. It was a shame as CE had a lot of updates and fixes. A lot of the fixes could be merged into 2.6.2 though.
  5. This example helped me: http://labs.phaser.io/view.html?src=src\game objects\container\parent matrix.js
  6. I modified the plugin too, for this very same reason
  7. you need to look into 'Web Workers'
  8. I've used the closure compiler in a phaser project with maximum optimisations, the output was smaller and faster than uglify2. But it took a lot of work to manually create and maintain all the required externs, I don't do this anymore becasue of this, mobiles have become much more powerful to compensate. Phaser has a lot functions/properties created programatically that cannot automatically be scanned for, so debugging the optimised code back to the source to see what else whould be extern'd was a nightmare. Luckily I only used a minimal portion of Phaser so didn't have to do a full job on
  9. Found an apparent mac download here: http://www.didgin.com/downloads/particle-editor-for-phaser
  10. there's a project plan here: https://prod.teamgantt.com/gantt/schedule/?ids=843041&public_keys=eXjoWRdx8pM7&zoom=d100&font_size=11&estimated_hours=0&assigned_resources=0&percent_complete=0&documents=0&comments=0&col_width=255&menu_view=0&resource_filter=0&name_in_bar=0&name_next_to_bar=1&resource_names=0#user=&company=&custom=&date_filter=&hide_completed=false&color_filter=&ids=843041 according to this it's currently (possibly) in development
  11. Hi akwa6971, The image hasn't loaded by the sounds of it, check your console for error messages. Is the image file name/path correct, is the upper/lower case correct? Also. this post should be in the main Phaser thread, rather than this Phaser3-Beta thread - you'll get more help there.
  12. Thanks @rich sounds like a good plan, that's given me some food for thought.
  13. Looks like I'm going to have scratch a little deeper than the surface, conceptualy Phaser3 looks to be quite different to Phaser2. I've a few different ideas about how parent transforms could be implemented and applied only to required objects but I need to get my head around the new P3 internals first. Any pointers or suggestions you might would be useful now.
  14. Removing always-there pre-post updating/rendering/etc is great for performance but will slightly increase the difficulty of using Phaser whether an alternative is native or pure user implementation. I'd like to see a native solution to this otherwise the forums will be filled with people asking how to hook in an update function and getting several differing answers. It's common enough functionality to expect something built in to standardise the way people do it. Looking at UpdateList.js now though reminds me of several problems I've had in the past where the triggering criterea was
  15. I was just running through the readme.md and it says you can do that, though I do realise this was cloned from the PhaserV2 version which says exactly the same. I did fix it up myself because I wanted to compare the output and play with the uglify compress options but my fix (bodge) was for my purposes only rather than a generic one so didn't try to submit it.
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