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  1. i'm googling about html5 during my sparetime, and theres a lot of framework js js js webgl.. and so on and so forth popping out im guessing framework are ready made plugin/code/script( whatever term you call it) ... may someone enlighten me about this? is this something like they use in flash as2 as3, the greensock flash plugin? and can i code directly on notepad to create games? (haha this one im not sure what im talking about) thank you p.s. im more of an artist with little knowledge in flash and some little know how on coding, and i'm trying to learn how to create html5 games myself... so im pretty confused just like a baby
  2. twenteen 9 trying get to know basis with html5... hope we're compatible
  3. well then why did you recommend Gamemaker? if sponsors don't prefer to buy games made in game constructors. so where do to start really.
  4. thanks! i'll try game maker then...btw, what do you mean made in game constructor: is this another gamemake app? p.s. gamemaker wow 799$
  5. wow that's cool ! any advice where to start creating html5 games? i want to learn from 0 , i mean what application(what you may call it) should i use