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  1. Hey guys, I recently purchased another game from a developer here, and I was very pleased with the work that we were provided with. This time I'm looking to buy a Backgammon game, HTML/JS/CSS (mobile friendly) and for it to be preferably multiplayer. If it's not multiplayer no worries, we can build that functionality. Interested parties please provide links with your work either here or via personal message. Please indicate how the game is built, cost, documentation(if any) and whatever else you might find useful for me to know. If you don't have a ready made game and you would like me to consider hiring you freelance, please provide previous work samples. Looking forward to seeing your awesome work, All the best, Phanos
  2. That would be fine Pingo, but I would prefer to test a live version of the game before purchasing
  3. Hey there, I am looking to buy the source code / license of a simple clone of the Match 3 game, that is built on HTML (JS based) or Canvas. I will need to see playeable demo and be able to completely dress up the game and hook it up with my functions / database e.t.c Please let me know your price and link to your game (if any)