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  1. I have no 'own' games to test this with. Just mentioning the 'flaw'. It's not fixed on the demo page, that's for sure. Also not with the DEV version.
  2. Cool. Just tested it on de demo site but it still appears broken. Does the demo site have an older 2.2.2 version or Phaser?
  3. This samle runs fine on all platforms, except on Safari. The 2.1.3 version works just fine, but any higher version fails. The screen starts ok, but as soon as the player starts to drop, the bottom half of teh screen just disappears. Not the background, only the foreground. Any specific bits I can check out to nail this issue?
  4. If you want to take this to a whole new level, please send me a PM. I have 'some' experience with word games. Yours would fit in quite nicely. Apart from this, as it is already mentioned, the start text is too much. Start a tutorial by example. That would help a lot and would defeat the need for loads of informative text.
  5. You may also have a set of global variables present that are updated in the update loop?
  6. What do you want to paint? In the end, it's all 'pixel by pixel' anyway. Phaser gives you the possibility to abstract the dirty job of kepping track of everything. If you just want to 'paint' on a canvas, you could use that instead. Not sure what your intentions are. Care to elaborate?
  7. Check out the Android device logs. It should tell you about the AdMob ads being loaded and *why* they are not displayed.
  8. Without any code to take a look at, this would probably never get answered. SO, if you want someone to take a look, please share a (small) test case demosntrating the issue.
  9. If that is what they are asking, then I suppose it is 'yes'. Maybe ask them this. I would think this would only apply to your first game and after that it would be fine. Just a personal thought though.
  10. instead of reasigning the tween, just append the .to tweens, like this: tween = game,add.tween().to().to().to() etc
  11. Robske

    stacked sprites

    Does this imply that the sprites on top of the bottom sprite do not receive the tap, or would that area not be tappable at all? Take a look at addChild on the sprite. What is the exact goal you try to achieve?
  12. I only have an ipad 2, not higher, so YES! When I updated it (last week) I saw a great drop in performance compared to the iOS7 system. As a hint in this thread, I modified my game to be forced to CANVAS instead of AUTO and this solved the sluggish performance. This was with a single sprite animation (explosion).
  13. RAF is the update loop in Phaser. It will consume the CPU, since that is where all the heavy lifting takes place. This method is called by the browser in order to instruct the system to update the screen in response to a 'screen refresh'. If you look closely in the call-tree, you can clearly see where time is spent. The time reported always includes children, so as you can see, drawImage consumes about 5% of the total time. You do not really need to know about this all, but if you are interested, some more infor about this: and
  14. Check bulkans reply. I second that on iOS8 (iPad2 and iPhone 4S). Use CANVAS on that platform and voila: it's fluent.
  15. Apart from the color-issue, the game is funny as hell Even though it's not finished yet, it looks very good!