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  1. Hey, it's been a year. Any updates to this? http://html5gameengine.com/tag/networking shows just four engines, but I'm assuming the "networking" tag is for criterion #1 above. lycheeJS seems interesting, but the Windows version says "experimental"
  2. Hi mig, Jocly is spectacular to see and I love the idea, but sadly my game is more complex. The no-random limitation probably stops a lot of people from going with that engine! I have to admit, I wouldn't think it would be necessary to specify that as a requirement for a game engine in 2014, but I see that you guys kept it simple.
  3. Hi all - I'm new here and signed up because I want to write a game that I created using Vassal some time ago. Vassal's biggest drawback (apart from it requiring a lot of stuff to install to run it, JVM, Vassal, Vassal plug-ins) is that you can't easily do AI for it (it's really a framework for online play with humans). That said, Vassal has some cool features I'd like to find in another engine: abstractions for online gaming (it has its own server infrastructure) which has game states automatically managed abstractions for moving pieces around a map (you don't have to write GUI code to detec
  4. hexer

    Risk game

    Looks great (but I'm waiting for G+ connect :-) What engine did you guys use? Does it have support for maps/grids/dice/network play? If you did all that yourself, have you considered sharing your engine?
  5. Vassal is not great if you want to do AI. It does have great abstractions in its API for hex or square grids, moving pieces around, and online (synchronized) play. It would be good to know if Phaser has support for those abstractions. If not, you'll have to do it yourself, which defeats the purpose of using an engine.
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