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  1. @flinto Will you be adding that in the future possibly, at the moment great for apps but that's it :(

  2. Hi, Can anyone provide a clean way of drawing multiple sprites using a different x, y, and a different Sprite key.
  3. Hi So I'm planning on creating a big tile map, I was wondering what you think the best method of collision handling is. Before I would collide with all tiles apart from those in an array? I'm thinking now because this would be such a big map to have all my collision tiles on a layer in tiled? Does colliding with a lay work well? Sam
  4. Xron

    Phaser eBook

    Hey Guys, I haven't used Phaser since v1.1.3 so I'm a little out of touch, I want to refresh on all phaser things and was wondering if anyone knows if the eBook covers anything specifically targeted at top-down, point and click rpg style things? Thanks
  5. Love this idea can't wait to see what people come up with
  6. Hi, I just wanted to ask before I go nuts creating my tile map if it's possible to use a tile map layer to run events in the game e.g. Tile map layer with tiles, and a tile map lay with transparent tiles then collide with this layer run event... If that is possible is it possible to have multiple transparent layers for different events or am I going about this the wrong way.