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  1. Why stop at WebP then why not target FLIF which has no browser support but claims to beat WebP? Javascript WebP library: http://webpjs.appspot.com/ Javascript FLIF library: https://github.com/uprootlabs/poly-flif *I've no experience with either, just Googled and confirmed they exist (and as I suspected are compiled to JS from c/c++ using Emscripten)
  2. I presume "WebGL" is a typo? I wouldn't display that the user needs WebP support from there browser, how many end users will understand that that that means "use Google Chrome"? While you might find a crazy person who has already ported a decoding library using emscripten or written one themselves, I feel it's not likely to be that fast; why not just use JPEG/PNG formats and work on all browsers?
  3. I don't see an attack here. Possibly there is some misunderstanding? I think Matt is suggesting that the advertising options are largely unaffected; and whether or not you get the same interest from sponsors, it would seem that the same business arrangement options are open to you to pursue if you seek to license your game. Your followup stipulates "high-end", suggests targeting lesser compatibility, and without saying so hints that you might be thinking of 3D games, none of which I feel is strictly implied by the original post's mere mention of "WebGL" which I feel is worth pointing out
  4. Move the computation out of the for loop's comparison, as Math.random() will pick a different random number each time the loop iterates and the comparison is made.
  5. I'm sorry I know this isn't the place for such comments, but right now this game looks way too much like Don't Starve.
  6. Same feedback as a few months ago, sorry. Only thing that stands out as perhaps being different is I don't recall a full page prompt for background audio (is that new?) As much as I don't like sites playing background audio for no reason, being prompted to ask if I want it (after waiting a minute for it to load, before I can even see the page) might just be an even more annoying alternative (are you just doing it to ensure you can play audio on browsers that ignore such when it is not done in response to user interaction?)
  7. chg

    Forum Upgraded

    Is that the post table data post migration scripts, if so do you have a before version? I had a look at the text in a hexeditor... there's no indication of newlines in there, though I did find the mix of space characters with multi-byte sequences for non-breaking spaces interesting (to use the term loosely)
  8. Let http://webglstats.com/ be you guide perhaps? also as per https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dn424129(v=vs.85).aspx I believe the "correct" mimetype name to be "image/vnd-ms.dds" for dds texture files
  9. chg

    Fixed timestep

    @fillmoreb I recall what the OP describes being a bug in Phaser which has probably been fixed since (it's a 2 year old thread you've resurrected)
  10. "1 HTTP request" isn't necessary one file either. SPDY / HTTP 2.0 support server push, which was designed to let you send files the client hasn't asked for yet with the response (sorry, I've no idea if and how supporting webservers let you use this though atm) If the intention is to make the game easier to copy, could you maybe include a link in the game to a zipped copy? I think this would be a bit hard to answer without understand the problem/s you want to solve by having a single file.
  11. chg

    Forum Upgraded

    @rich Any comment on open square bracket, letter i, close square bracket disappearing from code posted
  12. Just to clarify, I wasn't (and don't) using adblock (in my description of the issue I mentioned viewing your ad), so I hope you aren't telling me to off with any capital letters - I not only viewed your ads but I attempted to warn you of issues with your game. And yes, it works on Newgrounds without the issue described from the previous link. And the original thing I was intending to check - the flash version doesn't have the slight halos, even when magnified, that I noted on the HTML5 version.
  13. chg

    Forum Upgraded

    Lovely quirk of the new code editor... var v = vertices; vs. var v = vertices[ i ]; these lines differ by the white space around "i" (which is in square brackets), but without the whitespace some of the code disappears (the open square bracket, the i and the close square bracket) which I presume has something loosely to do with this sequence having meaning in BBcode source. I suggest it's an issue as i is like the most common iterator for loops and it is not unreasonable to expect it to will be used to index arrays often in posted code
  14. I assume: var v = vertices; should be: var v = vertices[ i ]; ? EDIT: nevermind, clearly it was as evidenced by the italised code that follows where it should appear, buggy upgraded forum is buggy
  15. No, it can't... because they are rendered to the stencil buffer for compositing
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