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  1. (15/06/2016) ballon added (K key)
  2. (06/06/2016) realtime openstreetmap bridges and buildings added shift+B to switch on/off
  3. myCesiumflight chung is a small free Cesium engine based 3D webgl flight simulator written in html5, css and javascript . Fly anywhere in the world with high resolution terrain imagery and elevation heightmaps . Uses cssscale to increase fps rate. (12 fps fullscreen , 22 fps with chrome on my notebook) =>
  4. yes, the source is available on sourceforge and github , just google it
  5. (11/04/2016) cessna c150 added (Q(fly)+V(view) in car mode)
  6. (08/04/2016) seawaves and sailable sailships added
  7. (13/03/2016) gran trees added according to ground texture (shadow version) (ex: goto "yellowstone" ) add trees even where nothing has been defined in openstreetmap.
  8. (15/02/2016) txt ansi format support added (default is utf-8) click on "select txt ansi" button
  9. read chung is a small txt reader with multilingual tts text to speech voices from responsivevoice and yandextranslate and animated 3D face avatar written in html5 , javascript and uses jsc3D . open source, no adds popups, just select language among 70 and text file book and it will run . =>
  10. here you can find a online demo of fast full shadow mapping without depth or float texture for basic html5 webgl that doesnt have these features.(works better with firefox) , and webglcarsimheight , a free 3D osm car drive game using real world osm openstreetmap realtime online data . drive on millions kilometers of real world roads and thousands towns all over the world. site => play =>
  11. (21/08/2015) enhanced rotations , load/save game + export/import to file gamesaves added
  12. tryed to correct rotating near verticals, its because i use euler coordinates , it is called "gimbal lock" ... but not so evident to use quaternions . added stars info labels (I key, 1000 real stars data from hipparcos catalog), explosions, and game load/save menu (source code available) once you have destroyed all spaceships in a solar system, you'll have to go to another star system to find others. posted a video on youtube too