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  1. If your old like me you remember spending lots of time with the Spin-Art toy. Spinning, painting and mess making. Here is a simulation of that fun on the web. Written using HTML/javascript, Knockout.js, Bootstrap and Paper.js Check it out at
  2. Thanks man... I forgot how long it takes when first loading. I added a progress bar.
  3. Hello everybody! This is a game I wrote originally for mobile devices. I recently cleaned it up and put it on the web! Check it out at Thanks!
  4. Hey guys. Just finished my latest Phaser game. It's an Air Hockey simulation for two players. Check it out at
  5. Trying to convert my project over to Box2d in Phaser and having trouble... Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here? Attached is the example file for World Bounds, I have made some small changes to incorporate collision categories and masks. Everything is working as expected except for the world boundaries. I have been over the docs many times and I think I am doing this as described. Notice how all the collisions are working except for world bounds. TIA world boundstest.html
  6. Sorry no one is able to comment on your post. I am also trying to understand how functions like 'applyImpulse' are used. Maybe everyone has dumped P2 for Box?
  7. #microsoft

  8. Well after 3 months of hard work my game was finally rejected from the IOS store. All because some well known presidential candidates battle to the death. There's some fighting, dismemberment and heads popping off... no big deal. These people are so uptight. Lucky there's still Google Play...… Get it before it's banned!
  9. Right. I guess what I was asking is how to do this without using the Update loop.
  10. Here's my question. I want to make a P2 body move in the direction it is already pointing. I tried moveUp(), moveDown(), etc. but they (not surprisingly) only go up or down. I tried thrust() but it does not seem to work unless it is being applied repeatedly.. as in the Update section. Just for the heck of it I tried this.... for (var i = 0; i < 500; i++) mysprite.body.thrust(500); and it did what I want, but I feel that this is probably not the way I should do this. Is there a better way? Thanks,Sam
  11. What I love about Phaser, and software of this level is that not only can you make something, but you can learn an entire area of software development. Sadly there is still so much for me to learn. I would be personally very interested in articles that focus on specific areas of the product. Sam
  12. Hey guys, Quick question... I was wondering if there were any type 'screen load' even... even after creation? In addition to the preload, create, update, render and so on I would like to trap when the screen is navigated to in the browser. Thanks, Sam
  13. Hey I know this is old but did you ever find a solution to this? Thanks!
  14. This problem resolves itself with an upgrade to Lollipop!
  15. I would like to comment that according to my recent development with Android Lollipop and IOS 8 that the Audio issue with Phaser is no longer a problem. There is no need to load the cordova media plugin or load and play audio outside of the Phaser API.
  16. Hi Guys... Really struggling here. :-( I've been working on a game in Phaser. I have it packaged up as a Cordova app and deploying it on IOS and Android devices. IOS is working fine. Android audio will not play when deployed on the device. When I deploy the app and examine the Network resources remotely I see the following... each audio file is 'canceled' and does not play. However when I host the game from a web server and point to it from the same device I see this... the audio files are loaded (but then a second attempt is canceled). The difference is this time they all play just fine. Same files, same device (same browser?) Would anyone have any insight on this problem and how I might go about fixing it? Thanks, Sam
  17. What I love about HTML/Javascript game dev is that I can target multiple platforms. Here's my first game deployed to both IOS Store and Google Play! I wrote this just prior to discovering the Phaser engine.... so it was much harder than it needed to be! I am working on a new game with Phaser and really loving it. The game definitely runs better on the iphone :-/ Thanks for looking, Sam
  18. Thank you for the responses. What I did was trap events :, this);, this); ...and check to see if the sprite moved. If not I processed it as a simple click. However I would like to suggest that the property .isDragged should not be set to true unless the sprite does infact get dragged... even a little. Thanks... really loving Phaser!
  19. Hello all. I just started using Phaser and I really love it. I am however struggling with some basic functionality. I have a use case where I'm trying to have a sprite behave differently depending on whether it is being dragged, or if just clicked. I would like to allow the sprite to be dragged, but rotate the sprite 90 deg if only clicked. So far I have not been able to distinguish if only a click has occured. I have been trying to use the sprite.input.isDragged property. Unfortunately it seems to report 'true' as soon as the mouse is pressed, and not waiting for any drag event. here is a jsfiddle to demonstrate... Is there another way I can solve this problem? Thanks, Sam