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  1. hello ruttydm, you can take a look at this quite nice tutorial: i also have one getting started however it's in portuguese, when i translate that i'll share it.
  2. Hi mike, I can't speak for the rest of the world, but no one (parents, schools, book publishers) wants to pay for such material. Even harder: find someone to finance a B2C startup to develop such material. I had an experience with scenario a few years ago, we bumped on many doors bu no one gave us 1 or 2 years to develop such model. there are a few success cases, but even those had a difficult start.
  3. It's 2016 and most android devices have 5.0 indeed things are changing.
  4. "true html5 game" means it runs on every browser on every architecture, desktop or mobile, without the help of any proprietary plugin. but this is just my opinion, man.
  5. RT @History_Pics: Sailing into Fuji, Japan circa 1920. Stunning, though there has likely been some manual manipulation by the artist. https…

  6. Do the huge and bold move to v4! The benefits worth the risk.
  7. sombriks


    why not create a yeoman generator?
  8. That's the idea. For example, let's say you have 3 files, containing one state each one, and one main file. on main file you create the game reference and set anything that should be valid for all states on each state file, it knows how to add itself to the state manager, so you'll avoid the state register step, making the code a bit cleaner. this is not a very rigid standard, i evolved my code style to something like i'm described due my exposure to many other javascript technologies, and for sure it will change when ES6 make it's debut on phaser 3. if you make the code better contained and with less dependency points then it means you got a better code to evolve/maintain. just don't burn too much time in that part, code the game, have fun.
  9. Every state receives a reference to game object because it's good practice. The code should not rely on global variables if there is a local reference. It's out of state scope and control what happens with the external reference as well. you can also assemble your state like this: game.state.add("Boot",function(game){ this.create = function(){}; this.update = function(){};});and then use the game as local reference instead global var.
  10. UPDATE: tried tileScale, but i'm missing something. var s = game.add.tileSprite(0, 0, op.w, op.h, data.img); s.tileScale.set(512/op.h,512/op.h); data.left=function(){ game.add.tween(s.tilePosition).to({x:"+100"},666).start(); }; data.right=function(){ game.add.tween(s.tilePosition).to({x:"-100"},666).start(); };data.img have 1024x512 as dimensions, and i tried to use it agains canvas height in order to generate a good proportion but it still seems strange UPDATE2: changed s.tileScale.set(512/op.h,512/op.h); to s.tileScale.set(op.h/512,op.h/512); and now it's better, much better.
  11. Hello all, i have a small code on phaser wich needs to parallax two textures at different speeds. i've set the game canvas to transparent mode and my tiles are 1024x512. However, i have the need of resize it according to screen resolution, i.e. apply scale to have a good aspect ratio. how do i do that? here's what i'm seeing. i need to scale it in order to parallax it nicely
  12. nice game. could you change the jump to start onkeydown instead onkeyup?
  13. sombriks

    Web hosting

    if you want node and want to start with minimum or zero fee, these are your boys: (it's IBM baby) (the Red Hat boys) (from salesforce) The peopele say that strongloop does the job too, but i had neither money or time. All you will have to learn is how to use git, how to use the command line tool each one has and do some click thing in some webconsole. Good Luck.
  14. Hello, it looks like that you want to resize but keep showing the entire planned game content, am i right? You might try to figure some "safezone" strategy arround ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL also take a look at the template projects section in github, there are good samplecodes that if not solve your problem at least will give you a good hint about it:
  15. Hey, IMO Phaser is a good start, make sure you have the basic boilerplate in order to see your first game/animation working and the rest is just learnt how to use Paser features and deal with minor language particularities. Give a good look on phaser examples, get the idea of how to organize your code by reading phaser getting started tutorial, and the rest will come with time and pratice.