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  1. Thanks for your feedback !
  2. Hello, everyone ! Here's a game I have been working on forever. I am so grateful for phaserJS and the progress it has been through so far ! Thankful for everyone who has helped me on the forums through this journey. Please I appreciate your feedback. I hope you guys will enjoy it. -> GAME HERE Facebook page -> HERE
  3. Thanks for your idea ! Seems to be a lot of work for my JS/ Maths skills so far but would be fun to try something a bit advanced.
  4. I need to create a particle emitter that emits particles radially with a custom fade/ disappear timeout with radius. Any ideas how to do that with phaserJS ? Thanks !
  5. Thanks for the reply. I know animations can be more light-weight. But they are painful to do using Photoshop frame-by-frame and i practically suck at animation using flash ( for now ) What do you use for animations ? any good tutorial references ?
  6. Hey all. I wanted to use a particle emitter which particles move in a radial direction away from the source. [ If explosion needed, just start the emitter and configure it to run ONCE, for no gravity effect, particles go in random directions radially ] How can i do that? Thanks in advance !
  7. Is there a way to use accelerometer in phaserJS and get it to work in CocoonJS ? I have tried and it did not work unfortunately.
  8. Hey all ! I've tried using Gyro.JS for tilt detection. In the browser it works fine but when i wrap it in cocoonJS it just does not work at all. Is that a common issue ? Thanks.
  9. OK ! http://debian.as/~nano/gme/ So i found this and i think it is a great idea to play NFS files in an HTML5 game as i think it is faster and has ridiculously smaller size than wav/mp3. But i don't know how to use it !! Any help !?
  10. metalNumb


    I really love it, but i hope it is secure enough. Either way it is VERY simple and i LOVE it.
  11. Thanks George. But if i want to create a graphics element that behaves same as sprite, what exactly should i add to the group...? because i can't attachChild() graphics to a sprite.... ( What's weird is... why does addChild() even exist in the Sprite class as long as it's not supposed to have added children , or maybe it's just my misunderstanding of what a child is ). Anyway your support is very appreciated. Thanks again.
  12. For debugging purposes, i enabled drag on the rectangles, and when i move some rectangles, other rectangles move. I also let the parent sprite not to be empty ( added an image to it). The behavior makes sense if you see it, but i don't know why it is happening ! (Try to drag one of the 'E' sprites, those are the parents ) This is weird. Any help ?
  13. i understand that. But how to position them at the same location as their parent ?
  14. OK ! Here's what is happening !!! http://pixos-metalnumb.c9.io/ I created a sprite class for the tiles (ColorTile), and each object of this class will attach a graphics object as a child. In its UPDATE part, when sprite is clicked, it updates a colorText , and it checks if the currentColor == this TileColor and if so.... kills sprite. - currentColor = RED. In the main game (MiniGame) i create these tile objects and add them to a grid group .... all by calling the function respawnGrid(); 2 Weird behaviors... 1- My code is supposed to be the same (before attaching child t
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