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  1. Yes sounds like the help might be putting people off and getting in the way a bit. I'll bring that information in more during play. Interesting on the other points too - that very first moment of how you feel something should work is something worth is really valuable. Many thanks!
  2. Really useful feedback, many thanks - I've got that 'looked at it too long myself' stage. Hadn't spotted the fallback on a Facebook cancel, so will get that so it just goes back to login. I reckon I could throw some numbers in to the animations to remove the scoring info from the initial help, and hint the submit button as they run out of letters.
  3. Aha OK, thanks - will see if I can be more concise with the help.
  4. Yeah we had quite a chunk of apps go in recently, so will have to look again at how the icons are culled. I might monitor the FPS to ensure it stays high.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. It should start you off in an interactive 'how to play' mode - it may be I need to add some more detail that the tick is for when you have entered a US/UK English word that's not a proper noun (like Scrabble). We'll support more languages over time too.
  6. You can add your HTML5 game icon and link for free to this game portal 'galaxy' of games (itself being HTML5+Canvas based)! http://quickplay.co/ Note this doesn't embed the game, just the link(s) so you will need to host somewhere else. Players can navigate the galaxy by mouse/keyboard, and sort by type, rating or date graphically.
  7. WordBog is a cross platform word puzzle, supporting mobile web, native iOS+Android, desktop web, with Facebook integration. To play, make words by using letters in sequence, moving up, down, left, right or diagonally. Letters disappear when used, and letters above fall into the spaces. You can also turn the board clockwise or anticlockwise to switch things about. Words are scored by letter value multiplied by word length. When you've done your best, submit your score to see how you compare to your friends. A new free puzzle is released every day, where all players around the world compete on
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