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  1. I am looking for an easy way to include a GUI (such as a dropdown menu, check boxe, combo boxe, etc...) in Phaser 3. Any suggestions? Jason
  2. Are there any examples of scrolling for Phaser anywhere. Something like the camera following a sprite moving around on an image much larger then the game window. Jason
  3. You should also look at I have never used them but they offer a Cross-Platform mobile payments solution that (in their words) is a " Turn-key mobile payments widget for selling virtual goods in online games, web applications and social networks." Jason
  4. Yes, it helped very much. I combined the clickable_add() function, the gmcallback_test() internal script and the external JavaScript code (created and used in an extension) to make it work. Thank you. Jason
  5. Is the script named "gmcallback_test" a script in an extension or a script created inside GMS with the create script button? Jason
  6. Ah, I think I found the problem. I was using the phaser.js file from the src directory instead of the build directory. Changed to the one located in the build directory and now everything is working fine. Thanks, Jason
  7. I am using notepad++ to modify the .js files then uploading them directly to the web server and testing them in a browser directly on the internet. And I am using the Phaser.js (2.1.2) file that I downloaded from GitHub without changes to that file. Jason
  8. For some reason I get the following error when switching to 2.1.2: Uncaught ReferenceError: PIXI is not defined phaser.js:82 It worked perfectly on the previous version (and still does when I switch back). Jason
  9. After some experimentation using Phaser's build in text system I discovered the best way of doing this was to use the following code: var directions = "Insert a really long paragraph here without any line breaks.";var style = { font: "30px Arial", fill: "#ff0044", align: "center" };var text = game.add.text(,, directions, style);text.anchor.set(0.5);text.wordWrap = true;text.wordWrapWidth = window.innerWidth - 50;I then set the fontSize depending upon the width of the device and it now scales to all devices equally. Jason
  10. Where can I find a simple example of using the DOM in Phaser? Also, is it possible to do a multiline text using Phaser's text display without manually inserting the line breaks? Jason
  11. What is the best way to display a paragraph of text in Phaser? I need it to scale to work in browsers of various sizes. Jason
  12. How would I handle it when the player changes orientation during the middle of the game? Jason