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  1. Hello,

    I can surely help you with the same, it would be great if you can ping me on my Skype so that we can discuss it ahead, my Skype id: cis.am2 or would you be able to drop me an email to get your free estimate?
    Rates: $14/hour
    Availability: 48 hours/week, 8 hours/day
    Location: Central India
    Please have a look to the attached resume.
    Look forward for your prompt response.
    Kind regards,
    Anna J

    PhaserJs Developer.pdf

  2. Hi,

    I am html5 game developer

    my skype id is

    I am from India 

    my rate is depend on your requirement, but can insure it will be very much realistic 

  3. Looking for Phaser JS devs Rates, location and availability please. Thanks!