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  1. I want to use a greyscale PNG as an alpha layer for a JPG. Is there any way to do it ?
  2. bokan

    Rotation optimization

    That's the question ! Thank you !
  3. bokan

    Rotation optimization

    Good spot chg ! xerver : All optimizations are good to take when we claim being the fastest ! I'm pretty sure most of clips displayed by pixi engine are not rotated.
  4. I just reviewed the code of Pixi.js and I think there's a point that deserve attention. It is much faster to handle an object when it is not rotated/skewed. Its transform matrix is much simpler (doesn't require matrix at all) and lot of computation could be removed. Bounds computing is also much simpler. I wonder if it's not worth implementing an optimization for this. It won't change the API at all, it will add very few code. Just a check for each objects, and saves a lot of code for non rotated objects. I would like to know what people think about that. Do you use rotation on most of your objects or only few of them ?
  5. Wich IDE is used to develop Pixi.js ? I don't see any project file I know in the github repository. I would like to contribute and it's easier with a ready to compile (and test) project. Thanks.