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  1. hi all i 've created a small demo with panda.js,but not display anything on iOS iPhone (it works fine on Lumia 925); no missing assets. Here my config.js pandaConfig = { name: 'sotb', version: '1.0.0', disableCache: true, system: { width: 640, height: 400, webGL: true, hires:1, retina:false, scaleToFit: true, resizeToFill: true, scaleMode:"bicubic" }, debug: { enabled: true }, audio: { stopOnSceneChange: false }}; Panda.js 1.13.1Pixi.js 2.2.5Canvas renderer any suggestion? thanks!!
  2. Hi! my first xperiment with PIXI.js and Inverse Kinematics http://codepen.io/spleen666/pen/mfbdv