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  1. Hi, after few month i finally found free time, and starting to extract my test engin, from my last game https://github.com/ranska/kaizer @kctang I am really intersted about what you say on karma and chrome (i am trying to do the same thing) the final goal to me is to run test on CI like travis ! @kctang You can probably override the functionality who stop the game when it is in background...
  2. ranska

    First game

    There is white pixel around text on the preloader screen. Bug or came from text ?
  3. If one day you're intersted by coffeescript or livescript, send me a PM
  4. Hello I'am interested to find new dev join our team, Since LD31, http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=44379 The team grow with a new graphic guy maby 2 (one in usa, other in ukrain) the core team is 2 frenchs (dev and musician) and a blender french artiste in support. Currently we need more PhaserJs dev. One new is in testing. Now we need dev who are ready to cross the normal line. We Do phaserJS with coffeescript and the server side is in ruby. http://coffeescript.org/ Beginner are accepted. There only one rule accept to deal with various tools and hard learning curve, and like the 'continual improvement process'. The price off it is you will be stronger of the average after few months. we used to be remote and love to do remote pair programming. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_programming if you think i am crasy yes http://bepo.fr/wiki/Utilisateur:Ranska
  5. I should write a blog

  6. Is you game can check if it is on desktop or mobile ? i think adsens can do that, never try.
  7. http://gruntjs.com/getting-started there is olso in this post http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/11107-integartion-test-and-game-testing/ pushing this link who can help you https://github.com/eguneys/generator-phaserjs
  8. Hi Ynozzar, Your create object on demande (so there is more than one ? ) Maby you can put all this on demand created object on an array and then do class TurretDeployer update: -> for on_demande in TurretUpgrader.on_demande_objects on_demande.update() Then you have a dynamic update for dynamic object. Side Question: why Typescript rather than js or coffee ? Typed language didn't slow you down ? it look like c or java.
  9. Hi I do ludum dare with same kind of case. How to scale project. In our case we split state into more than one function (in many file and save it in component directories) Then i use mixin technique to agreagate the wall stuff into one state. http://coffeescriptcookbook.com/chapters/classes_and_objects/mixins grunt is good you can try sproket with asset pipeline (depend on your server side stack). https://github.com/sstephenson/sprockets there is ruby and php versions. Here an explained shoot screen of my current project Note: my guide line are 54line of code max (max for my screen, scrolling to much indicate complexity). As allways if you want to pair with me in phaser/coffeescript you can send me a message.
  10. Not sur but, if button are sprite. You can probably do something with this. http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Sprite.html#alpha or maby play with bitmap alpha mask, never try. http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=bitmapdata&f=alpha+mask.js&t=alpha%20mask in doc there is also http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.BitmapData.html function like copy have an alpha param. Let me know if you experiment are successful.
  11. @eguneys Generators ! There is a long time i want to learn create and use it. Currently i use http://middlemanapp.com/ it's a ruby static website builder, with sprocket who work differently from requireJS but for similar purpose. I am really open to discus about it and how it can be use in combination with testing a game.
  12. @BdR sur ! Exactly this is what you mean. In this case Given a reloaded de page And i select option on the game And i launch level 1 And i go a particular zone of the tile set And i do a specific action Then i should see my sprite moving in a specific area And other information are updated Of course i have some DEBUG and TEST conf for running my game in a specific configuration (start directly on test levels with specific conf). It's a good start, but testing it manually is still painful and i have no guaranty it work again after adding new features. And i can test son game logic without the full game (unit test) But in some case i really need the full game in order to see what append. And also it's so coooolll to see the game playing alone Currently i plan to try this https://github.com/s9tpepper/karma-cucumberjs maybe there is something more interesting ? Did you try it before ? It look like there some hot topic on github
  13. Hello, Since my game become complicate logic and i am fed up with replay my littel senario to see the change. I have start to implement karma.js/with jasmine on my project. I don't know if it's the way to do ? Because i came from the rails/angular world it look logical to me. So after lauching the test a chrome instance load and the game go to the first state, but it seem that asset load cause some issue. Did someone experiment a full scenario ( aka loading asset and move sprite, test some game logic). If you success you are a hero for me cause it look hard to do :ninja: