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  1. Thanks @Mike018, Adobe XD is interesting but looks more appropriate for mobile apps rather than games. In all my previous games I used to "prepare" the UI assets in Gimp, convert them to sprite atlases and then manually position and animate them in Phaser using tweens. I was looking for ways to do this in a tool and export the result to Phaser directly.
  2. thanks @frodoe7 but I'm looking for visual tools that help design and animate the UI without writing code, similar to, let's say, Adobe Animate.
  3. Do you guys have any tool that you use to design animated UI ? or do you just animate them manually through code ?
  4. Trying the following example: http://phaser.io/examples/v2/input/game-scale I see the following error message in the console: embed.php:43 Uncaught TypeError: game.scale.setScreenSize is not a function I guess this function was removed in a recent version of Phaser. Any idea how to get the example working ?
  5. Most of the issues where resolved once I made sure ID.init() was called in index.html. I was calling ID.init() but missed the fact that I also needed to call ID.GameAPI.init() =P Question about game requirements: if I use highscores + login do I still qualify for the contest ? I am playing around with achievements + online saving but I may not have enough time to properly include them in the game.
  6. my nickname in the forum is "hakim". When I click on login/register a popup opens up, and after I enter my credentials it says it will redirect to the forum in X seconds but then it becomes white and nothing happens! I was able to get the JS highscores working but only after I got my game/application approved (I don't think it'w mentioned anywhere in the documentation). Also, I couldn't get the new leaderboard API to work, I get an "Invalid Request" response, but using ID.api.submit() actually works. I am seeing similar issue with the Achievements API, but unfortunately I couldn
  7. I'm having trouble saving or displaying highscores. I tried posting a question in id.net developer forums but it's not working too :/
  8. When using this approach, did you get "imobilising a non-moving ton" in the console ? if yes, then maybe you should try using t.body.immovable = false to make the tons immovable once they stop moving.
  9. The only solution to avoid the spaced areas on all mobile devices is to use EXACT_FIT instead of SHOW_ALL. This unfortunately means that your game won't have the same aspect ratio on all of them, but from my experience with sponsors (and I've sold games to 12+ different ones), they don't like the spaced areas and they never complained about using EXACT_FIT. So here is the code I use on all my games: if (this.game.device.desktop) { this.game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; this.game.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true; this.game.scale.pageAlignVertically = true;} else
  10. are you asking about improving performance for mobile browser games, or for games that were packaged using CocoonJS ?
  11. Don't know about your specific case, but couldn't you add a condition in the update(), like when a "tons" sprite isn't moving anymore for more than 100ms (or a number of update calls) you set it's body.immovable to true
  12. Depends, Phaser will destroy all objects added to the world when the state is shutdown, but if you created an array for example, it won't be destroyed.
  13. Could you share your MenuState code ? One important thing to keep in mind, the state's constructor is only called once in your game. when you change state, the previous sate stays in memory until you start it again with game.state.start(), and when you do so only it's create() method is called once again.
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