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  1. Is it posible to use jquery-ui resizable as well?
  2. Yes I would like to find that out too.
  3. Yeah I am wondering that too. It will be great to have a way to render video with Pixi
  4. praneybehl

    Multi-Style text

    Is there a way to maybe implement rich text straight from the rich text WYSIWYG editor?
  5. The demo at : for some reason doesn't render on safari for some reason.
  6. praneybehl

    Multi-Style text

    Sweet I was just looking for this. I'll play around with it and let you know if there are any issue, suggestions or enhancement requests. Thanks.
  7. That's a job well done. Thanks mate
  8. Thanks Sebastian! That fixed it. In the local version, I have replaced the image with a local image which shows correctly on Chrome browser but doesn't show on Firefox or safari. Is there any existing information regarding that?
  9. I am trying to figure out on how to use Pixi.js with Meteor but all I am getting in a black screen. Here is an example at Meteorpad: Can anyone please help with what might be wrong? Thanks