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  1. @Deltakosh btw I noticed I asked pretty much the same question about a year ago. That's what I get for not working on anything since then, but thanks again for the quick response as per usual.
  2. @haestflod Thanks for the response. That does resolve the issue. It makes sense that it would need focus, is there documentation on this change anywhere? Or what resulted in this change? Thanks, amorgan
  3. Another 2.4 to 3.0 issue. I have assigned W, A, S, D to a camera for movement ( ). In my app I need to click before being able to use movement controls. I think I duplicated the issue in the playground linked, but it also seems like it is a focus issue, but I don't have a 2.4 playground to compare it against (this appears to happen in 2.5 also). Just to be clear, in my app, using 2.4, I can immediately press movement controls (W, A, S, or D) and move, but now with 3.0 I need to click before this is possible. Thank you, amorgan
  4. Awesome, I was having troubles finding the documentation on the change. This works as expected! Thank you, amorgan
  5. @JCPalmer I'm sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way, but this was definitely my first question. So maybe there was a misinterpretation from the start. Anyway, I appeared to have an old version of the exporter that did not have these settings, even though the version I had showed 4.6.1. Thanks for helping out, the Procedural Texture / Cycles Baking "Texture Size" was what I was looking for. In regards to my second question, I will most likely need to look into the new TerrainMaterial in BJS 3.0 or come up with a custom solution. Thank you, amorgan
  6. I am updating to Babylon 3.0 from 2.4 and I was using Babylon.Vector3.Project to get the screen coordinates of a mesh, but it is no longer working correctly: No problems on 2.4 and it worked perfectly. Thank you, amorgan
  7. Can anyone else help provide clarity on how to change the exported texture resolution on export from Blender when it creates a baked texture?
  8. @JCPalmer 1) I'm not sure if that's what I need. The baked texture that gets created on export is what is low resolution. 2) I see that BabylonJS 3.0 has a terrainMaterial ( ) which might be what I want. I wonder if that could be used for the exporter. I'm trying to explore terrainMaterials, but further conversation around achieving this in the exporter is welcomed.
  9. Hello all, I found this tutorial for, what seems like, a good way to create terrain textures in blender: My question is about exporting this type of texture. If you don't watch the video, what is being done is a UV Map is being created, and a material with several tiled textures. There is also a stencil layer that masks layers of tiled textures. This seems to work great, since you get the benefit of a tiled textured. My questions are about how the current Blender Export to Babylon JS (4.6.1) works and if there is another way. I have not found this information yet. 1) When exporting this type of material with multiple textures, they seemed to get baked into a [filename]_[meshName]_TEXTURE.jpg. Not ideal, but this can work for now, but I am having troubles specifying the output resolution. Is there any documentation or tutorials on this? 2) Is there a way to achieve the method above without baking the textures? Such as blending different textures, if so is there documentation on this? I'm not currently trying to do infinite terrains, so I'm trying to work within this problem set at hand. Thank you, amorgan
  10. Thanks for the feedback. That would be really great to see implemented. That way the loading can be controlled better, especially since these can be larger size files.
  11. Can I use the Asset Manager to load an .hdr and create a HDRCubeTexture with it? If so, can you provide an example? Thank you, amorgan
  12. BTW where do you prefer bugs to be reported? In the meantime, there seems to be an issue the most recent build of the 2.4.0-beta (preview release) for Viewport ( ) method, see: PS: Loving the VR Camera -amorgan
  13. Not a stupid question. To be honest, I have not messed with the physics plugins yet. Maybe that is what I am missing. I have just been manipulating my meshes with my own "physics" function. I see there is the Oimi.js and Cannon.js plug-in (or I could use my own). Where is the best place to start for learning how this works? Are the two blogs on the doc site where I should start?
  14. I would put the file for the texture in the same directory as the .babylon file. If you exported this from Blender or other 3D software, check whether or not the program gives you an error, it should produce a log file. This should help indicate if it exported correctly.
  15. No problem. Hope this helped. PS: I used google translate, I do not know russian
  16. Okay, so, I have verified that the airboat.obj does work with the objloader, but I cannot get the STL loader to work. Please see the attached. Take a look at the code and understand the differences between your submitted code and the changes. As far as the STL loader, @Deltakosh or someone else will have to weigh in, as to why the STL loader is not working properly. I puled the loaders from ( ) and used the model provided in the attached files (ship.stl). I pulled it into Blender and it's there, so I am unsure why this does not work.
  17. Since you are loading a scene, which seems to have been exported from a software like Blender. You will need to access them via var tankard = scene.getMeshByName('Circle'); Circle was the name given most likely from the program used to create the .babylon file. I found this by inspecting the scene.meshes array. Note the scene loader seems to be using the camera from the scene, which is why your code does not create a BJS camera and use it. Otherwise you will want to use the Asset Manager to load in the .babylon file and access the task.loadedMeshes array and assign it to an object. Then access the meshes properties, ie tankard.position.x = 10; Please refer to the playground ( ) and the tutorials ( ), which are really good resources to learn more!
  18. Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep this in mind if I end up doing an interpolation between the last known point and the current point (which should be relatively straight if the time step is small enough, even for a non-linear path). I was hoping there was a Babylon JS feature that could solve this within the Action Manager I wanted to double check before I starting exploring other avenues.
  19. Can you also provide the .stl you are using?
  20. I am moving a projectile through space and have registered an OnIntersectionEnterTrigger action to the object and my target. The problem I am facing is that at lower fps, the intersect is sometimes missed due to the object not occupying the same space in a frame because of "skipping". Is there an easy way to interpolate if the object would have intersected via Babylon JS? Or is there a better way to do this? Thank you.
  21. FYI In Chrome 48, 49, you may need to do the following for getting around CORS: I just experienced this and this resolved the issue.
  22. denis_in, You don't seem to have a camera. Take a look at this playground: Let us know if this helps. Also, you may want to follow this example instead: This will give you more freedom to manipulate the mesh easier after it is loaded. In addition, double check your scale. You may want to scale up your .stl (it could be too small).
  23. If you are still getting a CORS error (with the --disable-web-security method) you might not be loading Chrome with the security disabled. If you have any instances of Chrome already open when you click on the link, it will open a new window, but will not be with the options you passed it. You will want to make sure no Chrome windows are open, then open the shortcut with those options passed. Chrome will give you a warning below your address bar if it opened in this mode correctly. If this still fails, it might be worth trying to set up a webserver instead. But as far as I know, this should work (I do this all the time for testing). Also, have you tried a relative path? BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load("./3D/", "ship.stl", engine, scene); -amorgan
  24. You most likely either need to setup IIS ( ) or Apache ( ) or your favorite webserver. Then you can add a webconfig ( ) to allow the specific MIME type. OR (recommended for debugging only, not browsing the internet) If you want to avoid that for now, create a new Chrome shortcut > Right Click the icon > Click Properties. Add --disable-web-security to the end, ie: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-web-security to open Chrome without security. -amorgan