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  1. Will this feature be included in Phaser 3.0? I can't find a TilemapLayerGL class in the current dev branch. PS.: Phaser is truly amazing!
  2. Hello everyone, in my spare time project I'm actually developing a HTML5/JS platform game using the genius Phaser framework. I wanted to add a high score system which works in the cloud, so that players can compete against each other. I evaluated the most relevant game services API's from Google and Apple. The problem is that you have to pay for them and that might not be appropriate for a small game. So I tried to do my own implementation using the lovely service which has the following features: Manage players (Users) Player specific highscores Track players game time Manage achievements for players Leaderboard Store game specific values to the detail objects of achievement and highscore entities You will need to create a free account in order to use the Highscore Service. The little project is hosted on github at A documentation is also available there. A test application to evaluate JS Highscore Service with your own parse backend is hosted here. Maybe this could be useful for someone... Cheers!