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  1. Very nice, Gryff! In Chrome no problem. Frohe Weihnachten!
  2. hi, try scene.activeCamera = camera;scene.activeCamera.attachControl(canvas);
  3. Is this working as intended? I've combined actions and an animation. Trying to pause the animation on mouseover and restart on mouseout. Playground:
  4. Sry, to bother you again, but if i use extraGround.updatePhysicsBodyPosition();inside the beforeRenderFunction, it throws a "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" related to line 16441 of babylon.1.14-beta-debug.js body.setOrientation(mesh.rotation.x, mesh.rotation.y, mesh.rotation.z);Maybe a failure of scope? Or again anything i don't understand?
  5. 1) I'm not only old and crazy, now i am sure to be blind, too. 2) Easy solution for hours spent investigating forums and tutorials ... 3) I'll try... Thank you very much, Temechon!
  6. Hi folks! Nice community here. Friendly, communicative and helpful devs and members. Not usual in most forums. I am a newbie in coding, please have some patience with me. Few questions: 1) Oimo doesn't work in your playground? Same file on my server: Lack of dependencies? 2) In my example the sphere vanishes for a moment while bouncing and i can see only the half of the sphere after the animation. Can anybody give me a hint, what i did wrong? 3) Is it possible to rotate my ground, while physics is enabled? There's no reaction of the sphere. Example: (rotate with W,A,S,D)