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  1. Might want to fix url. needs http:// in front of it. I like the UI and gameplay(to a point, not my style). Awesome!
  2. So my image is loaded, but I can't figure out why it says the width is 0?
  3. I was a little disappointed when I realized it wasn't all HTML5 =}. I love the concept though.
  4. if you trying to save time, the best bet would be to do some trickery stuff such as: Option A) Have a cron job that will execute a PHP file which will read your email's and process all the text files. then send them back? http://php.net/i_map Option B An alternate is depending on what processes your files, edit that code to accept txt files threw a socket connection then: Have a cron job that will execute a PHP file which will read your email's, send the text files to your program (The thing that processes your txt files) and then send it back to your PHP file and email it back to the receiver http://php.net/sockets. I would go with Option B instead if your capable of it instead of re-writing 30,000 lines of code. It already works, and it sounded like you just wanted to speed some things up =}
  5. GL Ray! I am not familiar with Pixi but I love watching people who dont know anything or much about programming and make progress. =}
  6. Depends what his goal is. Is it to make games or to learn more about JavaScript? You not learning to much about how JavaScript works if you letting a framework do all the work.
  7. I also like not using a framework because you learn a lot more concepts then calling some functions to do all the work for you as you mentioned. asset management, screen resizing, ect. After some time of doing this, your have you own "framework" like main ones but you know the in-and outs of every piece of code. I am very familiar with 2d concepts in another language so I prefer to work my way up to a my own framework as you have. I would use a framework for 3d though, way to much going on for 3d stuff =} Looks nice @doqheart
  8. Love games that are based on intelligence and not knowledge =}
  9. Some very fun games on there. You do the art yourself for them?
  10. It is really amazing that either a) everyone uses frameworks. no one wants to post any links to there games. Either way, its amazing.
  11. So irritated.. lols.. i can only get 2. Very awesome concept.
  12. Looks pretty good from old preview. Right now, I am only playing around creating some prototypes for a larger scale project: 1st: http://head2headplay.com/chess/h2h_chess.html Still needs check,checkmate coded and any small bugs and code optimization I run across for completed prototype. I am trying to think about a different theme but similar concept to Castle Wars: Link: http://m0rkeulv.net/games/castle-wars.html
  13. I am seeking some motivation and looking to see some projects that have been built or a WIP without a framework unless it was created by you to give me some motivation.
  14. Nice game, puzzles are some of my favorite ones to pass a quick few minutes. It took me a minute to realize that it alternates from sideways to up and down. =]
  15. I played this yesterday on my Android phone. It was pretty good. =]
  16. eh.. /me slaps self I dont know what language I was trying to use doing this: board[x, y] hehe.. board[x][y] is it..
  17. Some snippets from code: (stripped out stuff to see where issue is unrelated to issue) Shows how I am declaring, assigning and calling the arrays.. I am thinking the problem is the declaring of the array. I believe all my values in the 2nd dimension of the array is ALL referencing the same value. Declaring is first few lines posted below. var Board = function(){//varsvar board = []; //tried var board = new Array(8,8); for(var i = 0; i < 9; i++){board[i] = [];} //load board information from datathis.loadBoard = function(data){//stripped vars player and playerID //do something with k or data... $.each( data, function( key, val ) {$.each( val, function( kk, vv ) { //if no player yet, set as player 1if(playerID == 0){player = key;playerID = 1;}else if(player != key)//set as player 2{player = key;playerID = 2;} //Log is Correct, shows each x, y pass different value console.log("setting: x: " + vv.x + " y: " + vv.y + " result: " + vv.piece);board[vv.x, vv.y] = new Piece(vv.piece, playerID);});}); } this.renderPieces = function(){//2 for loops to cycle threw 2d array stripped, if( typeof board[x, y] != "undefined") //neglected{console.log("x: " + x + " y: " + y + " result: ");board[x, y].renderPiece( ((x*80)+35), ((y*80)+35) ); //renders same piece}}} var Piece = function(piece_, color_){//varsvar color = color_;var piece = piece_; var pieces = new Image();pieces.src = "resources/pieces.png"; this.renderPiece = function(x, y){ var x_offset = 0;var y_offset = 0; //greenif(this.color = 2){y_offset = 71;} switch(piece){case "a": x_offset = 340;break;case "b": x_offset = 68;break;case "c":x_offset = 136;break;case "d":x_offset = 204;break;case "e":x_offset = 272;break;} context.drawImage(pieces, x_offset, y_offset, 71, 68, x, y, 71, 68); } this.getColor = function(){return color;} this.getPiece = function(){return piece;} Edit: thats a little upsetting. I forgot to close the code tag and my post lost all formatting of code.. And I had to click indent over and over for nice formatting since the formatting didnt keep when copying out of my editor..
  18. I scored 600 first go round. Maybe give bonus points for Swooshes (ones that don't hit rim)?
  19. This is a fairly interesting game. I been seeing a lot of odd remake of older game concepts.
  20. Looks great so far @Laurent Sigal Game pages should have more screen shots, =]