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  1. Hi everyone am trying to implement ads in my game i read all about this thing , i made mopub account , and i took the banner ad id and put it in compiler configuration (i have a premium account) , also integrated admob with mopub , and referenced both (cocoon.js , cocoon_ad.js latest version) in my game after all i wrote the following code : Cocoon.Ad.banner.on("shown", function () { console.log("Banner shown!"); }); Cocoon.Ad.banner.on("ready", function () { console.log("Banner Ready!"); Cocoon.Ad.setBannerLayout(Cocoon.Ad.BannerLayout.BOTTOM_CENTER); Cocoon.Ad.showBanner(); }); Cocoon.Ad.banner.on("hidden", function () { console.log("Banner hidden!"); }); none of the "console.log" is triggered , could you please help guysthanks a lot.
  2. Hello Everybody am trying to write my own code on Android back button , but am facing a problem here is my code : create: function () { Cocoon.App.exitCallback(function () { alert('hello'); game.state.start('intro'); return false; });} the alert is showing but after that i receive the following error thanks a lot guys.
  3. mown

    Jigsaw Game

    Thanks a lot Zuick I used alpha mask with bitmapdata and i managed to have the look of the puzzle , but i didn't manage to cut it into pieces Would you please give me a little bit more details , i will appreciate it sooo much Thanks a lot.
  4. mown

    Jigsaw Game

    Hello Everybody am new to phaser framework , i have to say it's a great framework , thanks to your effort guys am trying to do a jigsaw game , when the player loads an image and then the game crop it as requested pieces count Then put it all together I don't know how to start , what to read about , i tried to read about masking but the samples doesn't fit what i want Could you please guys just put me on the first step , i will appreciated a lot Thanks in advance .