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  1. i have an emissive texture on one of my materials, and i want to make it brighter. can i make it emit more with some property?
  2. i don't know if anyone has implemented god rays (crepuscular rays) in a babylon.js project. if no one has, how would i begin doing this. if someone has, is there an example i could look at? thanks!
  3. no there are no errors (except "Valid manifest file not found")
  4. movement in the "retail demo doesn't work on safari on a 2013 macbook air. the demo also plays at 122fps, which seems odd. it works fine in chrome so i don't really care but i thought the developers might want to know. UPDATE: it's the same for the other demos. in "hill valley" the frame rate is 85, you can't even look around, and the rainbow loading symbol appears.
  5. Basically I'm looking for confirmation that there is something illegal about it? Because it's open source so...
  6. Thanks macguyvok. From his link I found that you have to do the following: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ShowLoadingScreen = false
  7. Using the new babylon.js 1.14 I created a simple blender scene and loaded it with babylon, and the loading animation from the appeared while it loaded. No offense to the babylon.js team, but I don't find it to be the prettiest of loading animations. Can this be disabled? My code is literally from here:
  8. I am thinking about creating a minified version of my project with the closure compiler ( This compiler would remove a lot of the unused babylon.js code. I don't know very much about open source licensing, is there a way to do this legally? Would I have to put a license somewhere? Oh, and also would this be possible with jQuery?
  9. Can you set light.range in blender? lamp -> distance seems like the logical choice, but it did not seem to work.
  10. should it be in github issues or just this forum?
  11. i think the problem was that i was using the tower of babel exporter. i switched to the default exporter and it is working. i guess i should file this as a bug.
  12. the readme in the blender exporter says that it exports emissive color and emissive texture. what material properties do you set in blender? shading > emit didn't seem to work.