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  1. That was just a marketing joke, a cry for attention I guess. If you want a good deal nowadays go with Famobi (for example), they grow very fast.
  2. Thanks. It is easy at the first levels. But the goal keeper gets stronger with every level and if you pass level 7 or later it is really hard to get th ball to the corners. You've to shift to advanced swipe techniques and draw for example curves etc.
  3. Thanks Inclusive a tournament mode is a good idea. I already thought about it and just want to see if the game is already addictive enough.
  4. My 2nd game is online. It's a realtime 60FPS HTML5 game with 3D camera running at 60FPS on mobile devices (S3+ / iPhone4s+ / Lumia520+). Give it a try and let me know what you think or may want to see improved. Play it online here:
  5. If webGL isn't available blitting has to be done via canvas. The only other thing would be DOM
  6. Regaring FGL the HTML5 market is dying (they stopped a large part of their activities). In relation of licensing revenue Flash is still stronger...
  7. On of my games has been removed by apple after about 18 months. The ripper claimed it was his copyright and lied a lot and Apple did not react although I've proven copyright and trademarks. I find Apple be very slow with his kind of complaints. Google is much faster. You can expect an app to be removed within 48 hours, without giving the ripper the chance to lie.
  8. OK, but in desktop you shouldn't see any performance problems anyway. Only if you have lots (and I mean really LOTS!) of objects to handle. I think you could do best with profiling your game. Chrome has some nice to do this job.
  9. If you use IE 11 on mobile, then you should definately profile your game. On mobile it's extremely performant.
  10. Sure, use simple / external JavaScript libraries & interface definition. This enables you also to separate the components from each other as long as everybody uses the defined interface. If you just want to add a top layer, for example with ads, to your games, then it might be easier to add an Iframe.
  11. It is possible, but IFrames are not faster than doing all the stuff in one canvas. Each iFrame produces also a state change, so your game will always be slower than using no IFrames. If you still want to go this path: you can communicate between these frames via normal javascript frame communication. However, please note that there are security policies applied when using IFrames which may prevent a communication, depending how you host your files.
  12. Mine are: S3 mini / Galaxy Tab 3 & iPhone 4 / iPad 2 & Lumia 520
  13. Really cool game. Playing it on desktop make you feel sick after some time (in a positive way). Great work!
  14. You made my day... Now show us your decent games so we all can learn from you. Ah, found one:
  15. IF it's "bla bla" let us know your view. Also, would you mind to point us to a recent game from you getting more than $5,000 as an exclusive?
  16. Thanks for the good and complete summary. Regarding wrapping a quality HTML5 game, the Ketchapp guys do this. Sometimes they also offer "normal" devs the chance to publish their games and take a cut.
  17. I wanted to have a list of relevant game portals / distribution sites one game submit HTML5 games to. I am going to update this list as I come to new sites or people mention them. HTML5 gaming portals HTML5games.comhttp://m.zibbo.comhttp://m.spielaffe.dehttp://m.spele.nl Distribution Websites & Services
  18. The Lumia devices need a special handling regarding how textures are blitted. If you have the change, modify the order they are blitted to minimize state changes. Also the react positively on how you write JS code and punish you more than other phones if you don't follow general rules like those stated here: I hope that helps a bit. Maybe it's also less of a hassle if Windows 10 is out.
  19. I meant 60FPS in pure browser view, no CooconJS and alike. But I haven't tried how a wrapper (custom or solution) cause a slow down yet.
  20. Thanks for sharing, very helpful. Although I found the performance part the total opposite. WP (8.1) are the only low budget phones I get my games to run at 60FPS at even 960x720 pixel (simple HTML5, no wrapping, Lumia 630). So it may be a good idea to do some performance research using profiling tools.
  21. Thanks for sharing, looks promising! If it compiles to (good) native code it should make CocoonJS obsolete. However, if you already have 60FPS code in a webview each of them isn't really necessary, except you want to save the battery of your users.
  22. Ok. So you have iPad 2 with 1024x768 and Nexus 9 with 2048x1536. As the iPad has faster per pixel performance than the Nexus I would lower the intern resolution you work with. The first thing I would do is run a test if the game runs significantly faster in 1024x768 at the Nexus. If so, try upscaling via CSS (which is internally done via the GPU and therefore your best bet). You may alter the smoothing options to get a more crisp visual experience. Although I doubt it can be seen that much. If the upscaled images does look too blurry and smoothing options result in a too pixelated experience you may switch to a 1x, 2x, 3x etc. graphics set. That way you run internally in 512x384. Then for iPad you use a 2x texture set, for Nexus a 3x set (although 4x would be of highest quality, but you want to gain more performance). You may even speed up your game a lot by building a custom framework, but if you haven't done yet in AS3 and are new to JavaScript I definately would stay with phaser. It's solid and easy to use. So the main path would be to lower the size of images, aswell as possibly lowering the number of animations you use. Also, try to do image rendering only (no paths) and sort your rendering / use as less texture atlases as possible. This helps to reduce the number of state changes (when the GPU switches to another texture atlas). If you have only 1-3 you run you game fastest. If you have more than 10 you should rebuild your graphics set. I hope that helps.