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  1. I already posted about this game some time ago. Back then it still suffered from some issues and i approached my need of testplayers in a wrong way. So now I want to try again. I'm searching for people that want to test this game with me and give them a say about how the game can be improved. It's a multiplayer game somewhat similar to Civilization. It plays in the browser and the game progresses continuously so players have to check on their empire a few times each day. Because of this it's required that all of us will start playing at the same time so I don't start the game until I have found a few players. Below I've quoted a part of my own promotional text that goes deeper into my vision of this game. If you're interested, please let me know.
  2. You're asking for a lot. To me it seems you guys got an idea and maybe some artwork and now you're searching for someone to make the entire game. Its unclear how much work there is to be done and there isn't even a guarantee to be paid. Chance of finding a programmer: 0%.
  3. Heavenmonster, I see you have finished the tutorial. Was it clear enough for you? And do you think you have a basic understanding of the game?
  4. When I tried to let some people play my multiplayer medieval 4x game to get some feedback I noticed all of them had no clue what to do and left the game before doing anything meaningful. Now I've created a short tutorial to explain the basics. I'm wondering if someone here could play the tutorial and tell me if he would know how to play now. It would only take a minute. http://thelordsofmensillar.com/login.php
  5. It's in The Netherlands. What were the things that lagged for you? It seems you're talking about the armies teleporting from tile to tile, but that's how it's supposed to be. And when the army has no stamina left an animation will show in what direction it will walk(teleport) the next turn.
  6. I just discovered something was going wrong with the registering of players. If any of you have been unable to register or suddenly had your empire removed, I'm sorry. It is fixed now though.
  7. Do you have a good internet connection, and did you use Chrome? I've played it on three different computers in three different locations and I never had lag. Yes this is supposed to be played multiplayer, even though ATM I don't have the amount of testplayers to properly do so.
  8. Sorry, for some reason i completely missed your post. The game is now playable but it will require some multiplayer testing before it can be played as I intend it to be played, the balancing is quite delicate. At the moment my main problem is to find testplayers that are willing to play the game and share their view on the game.
  9. Ok I've completed the things I still wanted to do. You can try the game here, although the game updates happen way more frequently than I intend them to be when testing is complete: http://thelordsofmensillar.com/ - At the moment this only works properly for Chrome. - Read the text at the loading screen! - Feedback is appreciated. - 7 players can register an account to test this. Alternatively you could use the account: "Test" with password "1".
  10. Thank you! I indeed need users to test this, that's why I made this topic. But before I do that I want to make sure everything is thoroughly tested and at least somewhat balanced before this testing can start. It's amazing how much bugs and imbalances I've found by just testplaying a few times. My topic has been reviewed and approved by an admin before it became visible because I'm new. But the link will follow soon!
  11. It's already hosted, I'll post the link here in a few days when I'm certain everything is thoroughly tested. If you and others would like to play that would be awesome! Initiating a game would require some coordination though as it wouldn't be fair if someone would start playing while I've already got 3 cities because I started playing when I initiated the game.
  12. Hello all, I'm new here and I specially registered to show my game here, and ask some questions. I'm currently working on a multiplayer game for the browser where players have to build an empire, somewhat similar to Civilization in how you have unsettled land and players start building cities. Tradegoods are incredibly important to the prosperity of empires and will be the main reason for war and diplomacy. And with technological progress(which the players have no direct influence over but is instead based on their way of playing) I want to change the importance of certain tradegoods/increase the defense against piracy/make it viable to have longer trade routes etc, so that the power of players will fluctuate and games remain interesting for a longer period. It's quite ambitious but I've given it a lot of thought. There will be updates at fixed intervals so the game will continue regardless of whether there are any players online or not. One regular interval for army and navy movements and one big less regular game update. First of all. Do you think this is something that people would want to check in on for a couple of times each day for a few minutes? Also, I'm wondering where I could find test players as I'll soon be finished playtesting this game in singleplayer. Where do you guys tend to find them? Here some screenshots: