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  1. I know I am using a big file with a lot of vertices....But i just had an idea while grading an history test ?Will it be possible to take only a bvh file in blender and transform this file as a .babylon and have in my code 2 separate entity but with the same skeleton produce in blender. And the two skeletons (one with a complex mesh and the other one just the skeleton)are animating in simultaneity. And the light babylon file is transparent.....Just an idea.....So tonight I will work on that !!!! If you have any thoughts to share dont hesitate.... Thanx Benoit
  2. Thank you !!!! I will investigate more when I will have time (I am in the middle of a school teacher rush ;)) Thank you, Benoit
  3. I maybe shout victory too fast.....I got it work once but I am not able to reproduce it but when I check the log file in the .txt file it saying the same thing in between the good animated model and the faulty one.....weird....but at least I got one that have exported well in babylon. I have a silly question : is it possible to create bone animation directly in babylon.js instead of doing all the animation in blender.... Thanx, Benoit
  4. I got it work !!!! First you need to check all the import settings for .dae and after ctrl-a to apply everything and as usual remove the keyframe 0.... Thanks Gryff and Mr Palmer for the great help, Regards, Benoit
  5. LOL I Imported the .dae with all the options checked and it looks better but it's still distorted.....But at least its not a chef boyardee spaghetti..... Have fun with the dogs..... Me I have a tiny one and he's full of energy !!! Thanks btw, Benoit
  6. Hey guys hope you are having a wonderful day. So exporting in babylon.js with mhx2 looks fine with the new blender to babylon exporter..... That's very neat ! But I am trying to solve the problem with the .dae files. For example I am auto-rigging a character in Mixamo and export it to Blender everything is fine. I load an animation with Makewalk everything is fine in Blender. But when I export it to babylon... I got the spaghetti man.... I have tried everything Gryff suggest to me with no success... (But thank you Gryff btw)... Maybe my blender file isn't setup properly or I miss something..... I will investigate more this afternoon..... Here's the link to the model I am trying to use as a babylon file and the bvh used with make walk.... thank you very much, Benoit
  7. I think that the new exporter is fantastic !!!!!! What a good work. I clearly see the improvement over the year !!!! I remember I was doing the same work like 1 year ago with the blender to babylon exporter and I can see right now a sea of difference.... It take way less time to create the babylon file.... The .dae file I am using is the one from Mixamo auto-rigger... I will send you one later because I am right now working..... Thanks everybody for the good work, Benoit
  8. Yeah late last night i figured out to avoid the spaghetti demo you might have to only use .mhx2 files. It works with .mhx2 files. But i have many .dae files (rigged with mixamo) that i want to use in a babylon context. Those that mean that the exporter is unable to transform correctly .dae files ?
  9. Yeah the walk is very weird I know.... Yeah maybe too much beer..... Here's a screenshot of my behavior.... It's weird.......
  10. Hi everybody !!!! I am using the new babylon exporter version 4.5 with Blender 2.76 and 2.77. I am using makewalk to load the bvh inside my character. Sometime (scarcely) my animation works in babylon but most of the time I get the spaghetti man. I am removing the key 0 with the dope sheet. I am using a character from the make human 1.1.0. Maybe I need to do something i don't know. In the link below, you will find my blend file, bvh and character...... Thanx in advance, Benoit..... File link :
  11. Did you have success with the 4.5 version..... Me I am having a little spaghetti with 2.76 and the exporter 4.5...... If you could share the 4.4.4 I will be very happy to test that out..... Thanx, Benoit
  12. Kool...... But I have change my browser version and it works !!!!! Thanx
  13. It's my first time trying to build in babylon.js by not using Blender. I got a weird error when I am trying to load my texture on a simple plane : Image from origin 'file://' has been blocked from loading by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy: Invalid response. Origin 'null' is therefore not allowed access. Does somebody knows what mean this error ? Thank you everybody
  14. Mais le seul probleme c'est que j'ai de la misere a exprimer mes problemes en anglais
  15. Ouin mais moi si je parle en quebecois tu pourras pas me comprende