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  1. Hi all, looking to monetize a desktop game I've got with interstitial or overlay ads. Any recommendations? I know of Adfly but that doesn't really work well, unless I can make it to work in an iframe popup Media.net seems good but I've seen some bad reviews with not getting paid correctly. I suppose Adsense could work in an frame popup unless it's prohibited? Tyson
  2. Hey all, Would the Games Showcase allow games with Bitcoin in them? Wondering if 'watch these ads and get Bitcoin' model work. Cheers, Tys
  3. Hey all, Disregarding ethics debates and all that, does anyone know of affliliate link ads, specifically Bitcoin casino and Amazon, would be allowed in any known publishers HTML5 game sites? Tys
  4. Apparently the part the DRM decrypter part will be a (presumably closed-source) binary 'blob'. So I think the browser will either request the 'blob' or have it built-in.
  5. I know its considered against the grain to many, but I think DRM would be a good idea for the web in some ways. In the case of web movies and renting I don't see how anyone can say it's bad. I would love something like a world-wide Netflix available on all HTML5 systems. Now, if only they had a W3c payment system someone could build a HTML5 Steam.
  6. I have an idea on the backburner for very simple adventure games. Something similar to 'Indy's Desktop Adventures', in that the plot and locations are random each time. Although in my version I was thinking each 'room' would be a square in a grid. Maybe like a chess with a story I guess!
  7. Seems it's turned into a premium market place or something. Which is so much better I think. The amount of crap on there must have turned off a few sponsors.
  8. Hey all, Got some motivation to continue working on my 'Tiny Wings' inspired game. Finally got some decent performance: 40-60fps on iOS.15-20 fps on the stock Android browser. Could improve this though Things I had do to get there: Use Chipmunk rather than Box2dHalve the resolution to 240x160Use a limited pool of 'ground' strips to represent the ground vertex points http://www.tysonross.com/temp/tinywingsclone/index.html Going to add some collectable coins, different 'islands', and basically make it a proper game. Cheers, Tyson
  9. To be quite honest, these issues mostly affect iPhone and iOS7. Why should we only make portrait games, if most visitor stats seem to suggest most people are web gaming using iPads? IMHO, not worth worrying about since you can't change anything until the iOS 7.0.1 or 7.1 Tyson
  10. Apparently the Cocos2d-html5 team are concentrating on mobile performance more in the next update. To be honest the perfomance on my games in Cocos2d-html5 seem OK. At least 30fps on iOS, 15-20 or so on Android. Maybe the tile engine isn't so optimized?
  11. Hey all, I'm invested using Cocos2-HTML5 and while it's a great engine, I wondering on how to port my code to another engine some day. Are there many other engines using John Resig's implementation? http://ejohn.org/blog/simple-javascript-inheritance/ For example, a simple touchable sprite: var PirateSprite = cc.Sprite.extend({ ctor: function() { this.initWithFile("images/pirate.png"); }, init : function() { this._super(); }, onEnter : function() { this._super(); // add touch listener cc.Director.getInstance().getTouchDispatcher().addTarge
  12. Cool workaround! I think sometimes the best way to get out of restrictions is just good UI design.
  13. I was thinking more of a "Add this to the Home screen for a better experience" vibe. Better than moaning about it!
  14. No work around in code yes, but you can always do something like:
  15. To be honest, it could be worse. Stock Android browser worse. At least there is the option of adding a 'Add to Home screen' arrow. Although apparently WebApps are buggy right now. I can see why removing the fullscreen button was the correct web-standards thing to do *if* they also implemented the Fullscreen API so a developer could enable it. Yeah, most likely Google's pull of resources from Webkit contributed to it.
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