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  1. Since NWJS 13 is about to undergo some serious changes, I highly recommend Electron. It tends to be a bit more stable and allow greater control over things such as webviews and windows.
  2. I've looked into it, but for some reason it never really caught on for me. I might try using a modified version of your mesher in the next version btw, AO would be quite nice.
  3. Update 0.2.5: Compute normals in the meshing function as suggested by fenomasSlightly speed up position calculation by using a flat array instead of an array of arrays.
  4. What's node-webkit? (I'm kidding.) Interesting note about TGA images, I was not aware of that. Will keep in-mind. I have admittedly not tested cordova with BabylonJS, but I do know that the performance on a normal single-page app is comparable to that same application in a web browser.
  5. @dsman, You might prefer to use Cordova for Mobile, and nw.js or atom-shell for Desktop. I have had great success with this method previously.
  6. You and your sparticles. x] This looks amazing though, disco ball time?! The links were timing out, turned out to be a DNS lookup issue, fixed it by switching DNS servers.
  7. Looks nice Wingnut, but the links do not appear to be working.
  8. Wow fenomas, I greatly like your approach to a voxel game. The performance is quite good on my machine, almost twice as fast as my demos, which is quite remarkable. It seems like you're going in a minecraft-like direction, sort of like voxel.js. Your picking code in particular is far more efficient and sensible than mine, although I don't know if it works with rotated chunks. If you happen to add non-grid-locked and non-dimension-locked voxel meshes, I will probably prefer your library over mine. x] I may look into the normals issue, I noticed that as well. The demo also appears to run a lo
  9. @fenomas, I wrote a library for this, though it only supports colored voxels (no textures, feel free to implement. :3) and no ambient occlusion, it does have greedy meshing which greatly helps performance. It uses one draw call per-chunk (two if using transparent voxels, which uses an additional mesh and is rather hacky), and chunks can have any size/dimensions. Repo: https://github.com/TriBlade9/CEWBS Examples: (Unfinished) http://triblade9.github.io/CEWBS/example/examples/animation/index.html : http://triblade9.wc.lt/CEWBS/ Forum thread: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/10688-library-ce
  10. kk, tyvm. Just did a fresh re-install of Ubuntu, as I was running out of space, and now a lot of stuff is broken. I'll do some testing when I get everything working again. :3
  11. Excellent work Meulta! I'm really looking forward to this. Are you planning to make more default textures such as Voroni and Musgrave algorithms? Also, your playground link is broken
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