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  1. Hi all, I just found a big pack of free studio setup cube maps, unfortunately they are all in HDR format, is there any support for HDR files in BABYLON or could we add it? Or does anybody happen to know a tool or software to convert a hdr to the six images needed to create a BABYLON cubemap texture?
  2. I found this thread that describes the same problem that I'm facing and the authors problem, like mine remains unanswered: While a function like BABYLON.Tools.LoadImage() will allow one to load an Image, how does one create a BABYLON.Texture from that? "binyan" describes the same problem in his last post...
  3. I'm sorry but this doesn't really help me: - I tried to look at the source of the sandbox, however it seems very narrow and I couldn't really find anything related... - I looked at the LoadImage function, and while I cannot understand it entirely I think it creates an Image(); as well... In the end I'm left with the same problem that I started with again: - I can load an image from a local file, but I cannot create a Texture from the image. ...I'm sorry if I missed something I don't understand how this function works //ANY database to do! if (database && database.enabl
  4. I tried with a directional light and with a directional light I cannot cast any shadow at all, however when all mesh parts are kept separate, I can cast shadows with a spot light, but not with everything combined to one mesh
  5. Hi, I'm working on a project, where the user is supposed to be able to upload his own images as a texture for an object. Now I'm able to get the image like this: <table id="fileForm"> <tr> <td> <input type="file" id="files" name="file[]"> </td> </tr></table>var handleFileSelect = function(evt){ var files = evt.target.files; var reader = new FileReader(); reader.readAsDataURL(files[0]); var boarding = scene.getMeshByName("Boarding"); reader.onload = function(e) { console.log(e.target.result);
  6. var spot = new BABYLON.SpotLight("Lamp",BABYLON.Vector3.zero,BABYLON.Vector3.zero,2.5,8,scene); spot.intensity = 1.75; spot.diffuse = new BABYLON.Color3(0.9, 0.8, 0.8); spot.angle = 5; spot.exponent = 8; spot.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(-17.6, 18.8, -49.9); spot.setDirectionToTarget(new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0));The Building is about 3 unity high as the cube floating next to it is at position.y = 3
  7. Hi, has been a while however I started a new project using BabylonJS, where I'm importing a model from Blender into a scene, now for some reason I cannot get it to cast a shadow. I added a cube next to it and it does cast a shadow, I'm also adding both the cube and the model to the renderList of the shadow generator.. Any ideas or suggestions what I could try or why it wouldn't work?
  8. iOS only supports WebGL from iOS-Version 8.1 on before that it was diabled by Apple (or at least very restricted) so if your iPad runs any other version it wouldn't work at all and since 8.1 is the first version allowing WebGL to run, it might just not be entirely ready and optimised for it
  9. Not working version is still at: http://analogmadness.bplaced.com/Demo/VideoSwap/index2.html Same link as in the very first post
  10. @Wingnut: So... while playing files larger than 1MB still doesn't work, here is a first version of the whole video swap idea: http://analogmadness.bplaced.com/Demo/VideoSwap/ You can click the red ball and it will switch the video with a little effect, or you can click the video itself and change it tile by tile... BTW: Switching tabs for me crashed playback for both videos but while testing they often also just randomly stop playing :/ While it is a first step this is anything but presentable ... How come there are so many issues with this o.o
  11. Okay so when I tried this: t_vid1 = new BABYLON.VideoTexture("video", ["http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/textures/babylonjs.mp4"], 256, scene, false);it shows the error message attached to this reply, I also converted the 7MB trailer I had to 3gp and it does play the audio of that, but not the video, I was watching the console and even after the entire file has been loaded the video is not shown.
  12. Okay now I downloaded the same trailer as before in mobile size (youtube) 7MB and this one also doesn't play AT all (not even local) ... It plays fine in Windows Media Player ...
  13. I'm using a free hoster called "bplaced.net" but I also tested it locally - I use Webstorm as developer environment and it created a local server emulation just like xamp or wamp would do. It doesn't work locally nor globally so I guess that is not the problem... Where exactly is the testscene's video hosted? would it be possible to just reference the http-url in my code to test if that works... then again why wouldn't it... if it works in the playground...
  14. Okay, I understand... So the array is only for fall-backs, but why can't I use larger video files? Normally the video element would just buffer a certain range of frames and then play them while it keeps buffering the rest of the video, right? At least that's what the HTML5 documenation says about it. But with very large files the video will start loading, and then suddenly stops without any playback (can also not be forced ... I tried to make it play with commands, no effect) And intermediate sized videos ~10MB - ~20MB are not played video wise but the audio plays with I don't know 5 times i
  15. I tried to split the video (24,6MB) into 1MB long videos, and while the first video (of 24) is played now, it does not play the others am I doing something wrong here: t_vid1 = new BABYLON.VideoTexture("video", ["js/assets/movie/split/penguins_trailer_1.mp4", "js/assets/movie/split/penguins_trailer_2.mp4", "js/assets/movie/split/penguins_trailer_3.mp4", "js/assets/movie/split/penguins_trailer_4.mp4",
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