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  1. The problem is with the "continue_text". When I pause the game a window appears with two words,"PAUSE" and "CONTINUE". What I want is that when I press "CONTINUE", the game resumes.
  2. Hi guys. I´m starting a project and I tried creating a text to let me resume the game and It doesn´t work. Can you help me with this please? . This is a function I made to pause the game: pauseFunction: function(){ if (game.paused == false){ pausa = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'Pausa'); pausa.alpha=0.7; pause_label_screen = game.add.text(350,150,'PAUSE',{ fill: '#fff' }); pause_label_screen.font = 'Press Start 2P'; pause_label_screen.fontSize = 20; continue_text = game.add.text(350,350,'CONTINUE',{ fill: '#fff' }); continue_text.font = 'Press Start 2P'; continue_text.fontSize = 12; continue_text.inputEnabled = true; continue_text.events.onInputDown.add(function() { pausa.destroy(); pause_label_screen.destroy() game.paused = false; },this); game.paused = true; } else if(game.paused == true){ this.unpauseFunction(); } }, and this is the unpause function: unpauseFunction: function(){ continue_text.destroy(); pausa.destroy(); pause_label_screen.destroy() game.paused = false; },