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  1. On the current submission page I see this message: -- Additional Information Required Instant Game is missing a required video. Upload the required video on the Details tab. In order for you to submit this Instant Game for review, you need to have your Developer Application approved. Please complete the application here. -- On game details page there is place for 2 videos: 1. Promo video 2. Gameplay video I added just gameplay video, should I create also promo video?
  2. Hello all, On launch status menu appears this message: "Instant Game business is not approved to develop on the Instant Games platform" What does it mean? My business was verified and originally registred as design and development.
  3. Oh, thank you.. Just now I found section in the App Center details that I need to complete and submit for review... Thanks
  4. My game status is live, but when I share my link it says that game can not be opened. Any ideas how to fix that? From my account account I can play it game without any problem. Link to the game: https://fb.gg/play/spaceranger-battle
  5. @Airapport There are several levels where asteroids located right in the middle In the next version I will add random position levels.
  6. Hi Airapport, thank you for trying my small game and your feedback. Maybe I will add blinking text "Press to start", so that will be more clear You are smart player 👍 I will think how to make game more challenging, maybe the next chapter will be more difficult than this one
  7. Hi all, Please check out Space Battle game, basically I used sea battle mechanics for single player in space setting. Made with VueJS, no canvas used - animation and isometric grid is made with CSS. Link to the game 👇 https://chpockrock.itch.io/spaceranger
  8. Hi, very nice game! I think you need to add some explanation what player should do, I took for me few mins to figure out. Also add score points Liked design and sound, background music is missing
  9. Good one! Please auto clickers
  10. Thank you for feedback! WombatTurkey it will be fixed after we will launch canvas version. marcgfx it's just basic version with 4 levels, we will change level concept and add one feature. Also planning to add leader board, that should improve retention.
  11. Small mini game without any libraries on purejs. sortit.artrayd.com Have fun
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