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  1. I've released version 0.5.9. This release features greatly improved graphics and unlockable characters. Meet Doigy, Poigy and Froigy Check out the new changes at: http://gamejolt.com/games/word-climber/77812
  2. Version 0.5.8 of Word Climber is out. This release features a new Item Store. The Item Store allows you to purchase power ups with the coins that you earn while playing the game. Checkout this neat new feature at: http://gamejolt.com/dashboard/games/77812
  3. A new release is out for Word Climber. This release changes a few of gameplay aspects: - You will no longer lose all of your acquired coins if you don't make it to the next floor before the timer runs out - You will now get a bonus for completing a floor before the timer expires. The bonus doubles the coins acquired in the floor. - Because it's now much easier to accumulate gold, the amount of gold required to Unlock a tower has been increased - The words now shuffle each time you enter the tower. Aside from the gameplay changes, Gold and Coin synching has been introduced for logged in GameJolt users. This will allow you to continue to accumulate coins and gold should you need to use different computers. Check out the new changes at: http://gamejolt.com/games/word-climber/77812
  4. Small update. The GameJolt score boards have now been integrated for those who have GameJolt accounts. So you can now compare scores against other users.
  5. FK_, Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I'm aware of the issue. As far as I know, it only happens on Chrome for Android. I haven't tried the game on iOS yet. The game works fine on desktop browsers. This is a bug that I'll fix before a full stable release.
  6. Small update to the post. I forgot to add the GameJolt link. http://gamejolt.com/games/word-climber/77812
  7. We just released the first early version of Word Climber. Word Climber is a unique word puzzle game that’s designed to be both challenging and fun. Think of it as a cross between a word puzzle and an infinate climber with a touch of Flappy Bird rolled into one. Except Word Climber isn’t actually infinate in that the towers that you climb actually have a top but most will never actually make it there. The fun is in trying to get as high up as possible. There are multiple towers to chose from. Most of which you will need to earn gold to unlock. Certain towers feature foreign languages such as Japanese, Tagalog, Spanish among others.Please check the game out and provide feedback. The Leaderboards are not enabled at the moment but we’ll do so in a couple of weeks. Play Now Gameplay Video Screens Features Multiple Languages Mutiple towers to choose from Unlockable Characters
  8. Ousaf, thanks for the feedback! It'll run slow on older computers (ex: 6 years old), non-webgl browsers (older IE versions) as well as systems with ARM processors. What kind of system are you running the game on? I'm not sure what you mean here. There's a Start screen, Scene Select screen and a Level Select screen. It's a similar setup to Angry Birds. Thanks
  9. I've released another update to Sandoku. Leaderboards are finally live! Please check out at Gamejolt With the leaderboard feature will also allow you to sync your highscores between browsers and devices. Sandoku is also now available through facebook. You can play it at: https://apps.facebook.com/sandokugame Other notable improvements are: - wider game area for the html5 version - the bee bonus round is now twice as fast - lots of stability improvements
  10. Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm proud to announce the beta release of my HTML5 game Sandokutm. Sandoku is the most fun you'll ever have with bugs and numbers. To play the game, you align 3 same colored game pieces called Stones into multiples of 5. Along the way you'll encounter adorable little critters to aid you in solving each level. Scattered along the forest are Golden stones which earn you new skills. Features Vibrant hand-drawn artworkFluidly animated backdrops80 Challenging levelsHours of addictive gameplay Play at GameJolt or Play at Facebook GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE SCREENS