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  1. Hi dad, i tried with the blender exporter previously , and now i tried with the 3ds MAX babylon exporter, however am not getting the exact result i want, check here now the model is distorted with the geometry and textures
  2. Hi @dad72, Now the model is showed on the scene, without texture, here But the same model is not working with the textures here am losing my confident, how this couldn't work with the material textures ?
  3. HI dad72, Nope i doesn't tried, am novice to 3d programming Following is my code, i added the camera as you said and how can i add the mesh ? <script> var canvas = document.getElementById("renderCanvas"); var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true); var createScene = function () { var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); //Adding a light var light = new BABYLON.PointLight("Omni", new BABYLON.Vector3(20, 20, 100), scene); //Adding an Arc Rotate Camera var camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera("Camera", 0, 0.8, 100, new BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene); camera.attachControl(canvas, false); camera.maxZ = 10000; // The first parameter can be used to specify which mesh to import. Here we import all meshes BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "scenes/iphone_5/", "super.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes) { // Set the target of the camera to the first imported mesh = newMeshes[0]; }); // Move the light with the camera scene.registerBeforeRender(function () { light.position = camera.position; }); return scene; } var scene = createScene(); engine.runRenderLoop(function () { scene.render(); }); // Resize window.addEventListener("resize", function () { engine.resize(); }); </script>please help me to fix it
  4. Hi dad72, Check my question here, you can get the model file and texture here
  5. Hi, I have some models in the fbx and obj, and i want to convert them into babylon.js custom format, can anyone help me on this ? am novice in the blender and tried to convert it with the given exporter, it works but the textures and camera, lights are missing, so am struggling, can you help me pls ? Actually am having more than 20 models , which i want to show them in my website, so i decided to show them with the babylon.js, and tried online converter to convert my model and converted them successfully, but i can't import them into my babylon scene, i can't see any models on the scene some said on this forum your model may doesn't have light,camera and so on, so i tried to fix it using blender, so i imported my fbx, obj models using blender importer and i tried my level my best, unfortunately am novice in blender so i can't And finally here i want some one who can convert my models into working babylon format, anyone do it for me ? else given me better tutorial ,etc Note: That i tried all the three converters which i found for the babylon 1. Online - not working to my models (light, camera,texture issues) 2. Blender, 3ds max- not working (am novice on this) 3. Command line converter - getting same result as online converter Thanks in advance..
  6. Hi Iwaa-kun there is no path's as you said in my model, have you checked my model ? and now am trying to load my model in my server, still the textures are not working
  7. Hi, please find the attachment for the textures using in the my model
  8. Hi Am importing my fbx model into blender there after am exporting it as babylon, am not using blender file
  9. Hi all, i have exported a model using babylon.js blender exporter and after i loaded the model into the scene, but it doesn't working am getting the following error in the console window, anybody have the solution for this Error : GET http://localhost/sample/scenes/a.babylon.manifest [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 1ms]"BJS - [17:00:33]: Valid manifest file not found. Scene & textures will be loaded directly from the web server." babylon.js:3not well-formedattached is my babylon file
  10. Hi, Yes i said i tried to convert my models with the babylon blender exporters , now the nothing is working i can't see the model on the scene attached is my model as babylon json format
  11. Hi Temechon Thanks for the answer , i tried also on blender exporter but that is also not working to me, anyway i will try again, and let you know
  12. Hi all, am trying to convert my obj and fbx model with the online converter which i found here am trying few days,i can convert the model as .babylon format, but after that am trying to load my model on the babylon.js but i can't see any textures applied to my converted model, what is wrong ? what i have to do here ? am struggling here with the last 3 days, but no clue attached is my `` which is my source file and output(1).zip is my output file which i got from the converter page output(1).zip
  13. Hi @Deltakosh and gryff i have imported my fbx model into blender by importer and after that i exported the model as babylon there is no animation and rig in the model am using the latest version of the blender
  14. i have exported my fbx model to babylon, but while load the model in the scene with the babylon.js, the models are not working i tried more than 10 models, but only one model is working Attached is my files here untitled.babylon is working and iphone.babylon is not working, am struggling here on the entire day, but i can't find the problem Anyone help me to fix it ? am beginner in blender,