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  1. It's a feature. Only effective till level 5 or so. I'd like to see some special items too XD
  2. Yes I'm having problems with the audio sometimes. Wish it wasn't that buggy. I'll see what can be done
  3. Hey guys, After seeing all the awesome games posted on this forum, I was kind of reluctant to share mine but...what the hell I wanted to learn canvas so I decided to make a simple space shooter game. It's written in ~600 lines of JS. No frameworks, just JS (coffee actually). It's also my first game of any kind EVER. Here's the game: http://oldboyfx.com/space_shooter/ Here's the code: https://github.com/oldboyxx/space_invaders Criticism is welcome!
  4. It's a pretty cool idea. But what kind of clients are you aiming for?
  5. I think it's pretty original, at least I haven't seen the same mechanic before. The visualy are also beautiful! GJ!