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  1. multiplayer is out to play with your friends or any random person. have fun shipz.io
  2. It just remind me the movie "wreck it ralph" great art work and good visual effects, I was feeling uncomfortable with less field of view, can u please increase field of view little more? I mean just zoom out a bit....
  3. Sorry for late reply, I was busy in multiplayer feature. I just saw it today Thanks to all for feedback -Yes there is some minor bug in sound, I'll fix it -only two orientations were needed, vertical and horizontal. So I find it good to rotate it in only 2 directions. -You mean I should highlight adjacent tiles of ships? (That would be great, let me see what I can do..) -I added link to title because the sites who'll embed my game, their visitor can click on title to come back to shipz.io home page. -Thanks you like that fast pace style -I
  4. I created shipz.io and did too much hard work to polish it, in hope that you like it : ) shipz.io is a remake of classic battleship game who's origin is from world war 1. Arrange your ships and get into battle. Your main goal is to sink all 10 ships of enemy before he sink yours. First one to sink all ships will win the battle. Currently It's single player but I'm working on it's multiplayer version in which you'll be able to play with your friends or with any random person. I really need your precious feedback so please take some time to give it. THANKS FOR READING
  5. Thanks, Issue solved only for Web App not for Phaser.io (js)
  6. Mighty Editor is so awesome really. I have export issue when I export with phaser.io (js) then it says not found: ..\client\data\build\p255t\0\p2.min.zip p2 is my project name
  7. I guess for server side javascript "Node.js" there is seperated loop for event handler. whenever event occurs then in the loop of events that particular event's function fired concurrently with main loop I guess I'm right..
  8. Suppose I'm trying to trigger a function when mouse left button pressed and I have my game core loop containing 100 lines of code. I have my onClick event handler at line 876 then if game loop is at line say 107 then at that moment if I click button then what happens? Is onClick EventHandler function runs concurrently with my core game loop? Or First event handler function executes and then return back to line 107 and continue executing the game loop? I mean to say is there multithreading like happen or not?
  9. I think Audacity can do this job
  10. How can I change the sample rate of a mp3 file. Is there any simple and handy program to do this job?
  11. You are absolutely right, I have this issue with my game. I some how fix this issue by adding empty sound files between each sound but it only solves the problem to some extent. Now going to use 44.1K Sample rate Hope so It will fix it.
  12. Who made these awesome graphics?
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