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  1. Hello everyone, I will develop a new game with phaser, and I ask myself questions about how organize my code. I would like to use the ECS architecture but how implement it with Phaser? how you decouple the differents actors (player, enemies, objects,etc...) in your game? How you implement the differents interactions between the player and the environment (a door for instance)? Thanks!
  2. Bouncing box Bouncing box is a puzzle game with simple but addictive principle. Easy to understand, Bouncing box is the perfect puzzle game for a good time. In Bouncing box you control a small blue cube bouncing indefinitely whose the goal is to go to the red cube taking care to destroy each orange cubes, otherwise the level can be completed. Through more than 50 levels, Bouncing box offers addictive gameplay in which your reflection will be put to the test. Can you finish all levels? The game is avaiblable on Android and web browser : Good luck!
  3. Hello everyone, I have a sky and I would like to display a day & night cycle. How a can do that? I try with gradient bitmap but the result isn't good :/ Thanks!
  4. arkerone

    Glow effect

    Hello! I need to create a glow effect on a sprite. It's possible to create it with phaser? Thanks!