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  1. Thank you for your thoughts. Do you think it is possible to merge the multiplayer-aspect of the Isogenic Game Engine with either Phaser or Cocos2d ?
  2. Well I solved the problem. I am destroying sprites which are not in the cameraview and creating those which newly came into the cameraview. I now have 60 fps again and it does not matter whether I have 5 or 50000 units (i guess). the drawback is that scrolling is a little bit slower than before.
  3. thanks for the answer, No I dont. (At some times I do, but this wouldnt be the reason it has low fps all the time) I did profile the app with chromes devtools and i figured out that it probably is not my fault. (the marked game.update is my implementation) nonetheless the fact that i have several groups (layers) full of gameobjects which stretch themselves across the world could be the reason why it is not able to skip objects which are not inside the cameraview(?)
  4. Hello, as I currently noticed, my fps are dropping when i have many (currently ~7.000) gameobjects in a scene. Each object contains several other sprites like shadows,etc. So I wondered whether phaser is rendering all of them. If so: would it make sense to destroy all game objects outside of the cameraview and only display those within the cameraview? (Like here: https://github.com/marcus-robinson/chunk-map ) I'm using phaser 2.4.0a
  5. Is there a global functionality in phaser to pause all animations for later unpausing them ( without starting animations which werent running before)? And if - would the absent of animations wind up the frames per second?
  6. InsOp

    animated tilemap

    thanks I did try that, even with a given smaller area its far too slow - i checked the replace function and what it does is just what im doing manually, but significantly slower..
  7. InsOp

    animated tilemap

    I finally had the chance to test those two proposals. to jmp909: I would have to completely restructure my map.json, since its a different type of layer. Half of my map is water and i feel `createFromObjects` is not supposed to be used in such vast amounts. to Skeptron: I think this is what Im needing, unfortunately its not compatible to the current phaser version i have to wait until Chad Engler has time again for this
  8. InsOp

    animated tilemap

    is this even possible to achieve? does anyone know? ive done it now like this: // in game.create:setInterval(map.animateWater, 100);//in my map object waterTiles:[26,27,28,29,30,31], waterTileIndex:0, animateWater : function(){ var mapTiles = game.layer0.layer.data; var index; //screenSpritesCountW: tiles visible in screen (width) for(var x = 0; x < map.screenSpritesCountW +1; x++){ for (var y = 0; y < map.screenSpritesCountH +1; y++) { //offsetY: offset from y=0 in tiles var m = mapTiles[y+map.offsetY][x+map
  9. InsOp

    animated tilemap

    Sorry I dont see how i can apply your example to my example
  10. hey i made a background just like in that example: http://phaser.io/examples/v2/loader/load-tilemap-json now i have like waterfields and i want them to be animated, how do i achieve this (with this method)?
  11. Hey, I have a 2d field with units occupiing several fields. I change position of this units once in a while - but the data for the positions comes from a node server. that being said: i have some "airunits" and I wanted to implement a certain shaking - to create an illusion of them floating. So I added this code game.phaser.add.tween(unit.sprite) .to({x:unit.sprite.position.x+1,y:unit.sprite.position.y-1}, 400, Phaser.Easing.Bounce.InOut, true, 0, -1, true);works like a charm except for some critical aspects: I cannot move my unit around, now since the tweening interferes with
  12. if im having game.input.mouse.onMouseMove = function(e) { //... };defined, the game.input.activePointeris somehow bugged, especially .position.x and position.y and .button . it appears that it only updates, if a button is pressed. well I guess the default onMouseMove event is overwritten if I use the lines above, it is like e.preventDefault(); Is there a way to work around this behaviour?
  13. id like phaser to easily zoom in and out the world
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