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  1. What is your object target when you click/tap on the button? It might be a click container issue and you will have to write your own hittest for it.
  2. Noticed this book was not on the list: Learning Javascript Design Patterns It's free as an ebook and I think after you learn the basics of javascript this book is a real boost to your tool kit as a developer, especially if you haven't done any programming at all.
  3. It's not hidden, it's just embedded in an iFrame, see here: All it's compressed code:
  4. var that = this;{// Kill asteroid that is out of bounds or has collided with somethingasteroid.kill();console.log("asteroid killed");that.asteroidCount--;console.log("Asteroid count after kill: " + that.asteroidCount);}, asteroid);var that = this;{that.killAsteroid(asteroid, that);}, asteroid);Two different ways to do this for you.
  5. My variation. Reduced the fire height but turned up the speed, Pointed the smoke out a bit and reduced the particle. Tweaked alot of the spawn rate etc. Lemmie know what you think
  6. Nice article. I like your writing style. Perhaps your next tutorial could expand this model to include prototypes and a form of inheritance. Good work
  7. This could have been a nodejs based site where the JavaScript is mostly server side, requiring minimal client side JavaScript. More information on the site you saw this on would help us understand what you encountered
  8. Hi Fyre, Took a look at this the other day when you came in the chat but you had gone before I got back. Thought the game was a nice variation on the clicker genre, however I felt like the progression was a little too slow. and that the game was a little clumsy when picking up the fruits. Other than that. great game. 8/10
  9. Great work on this paul