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  1. Is there small demo that allows to bring in a 3D plane sprite texture & use it as canvas in phaser 3?
  2. Can someone please tell me why this is moving my Character in the +Y direction instead of the +Z direction? // Forward local direction is '+Z' this.__tempVec.set ( 0.0, 0.0, this.__currentVelZ ); this.__entity.localToWorld ( this.__tempVec ); this.__entity.setLinearVelocity ( this.__tempVec ); Thank you! ~Aerion
  3. Is there any reason why sound is not playing in my WebVR demo in the Oculus browser? I already changed video.muted to false & it still won’t play. It’s the same demo in the examples only with another video I tried with sound. Also, it doesn’t autostart even though I told it to. It only autostarts in non-VR mode on my regular laptop. Here’s the link :: Here’s the link to the Source :: view-source: { NOTE } :: Copy & paste EVERYTHING above including the ‘view-source:’ portion into a browser
  4. Hi! I just tried that, and it did not work.
  5. So I am working on a demo in Three.js ( r98 ) to bring 2D characters into the 3D world. The problem I’m having is even though the sprite texture loads fine, and even though the image itself has no “colored-transparent” pixels, three.js still renders some pixels as transparent as well as discolors a few of the pixels. I have circled both the transparent pixel issue as well as the discolored issue in this photo. I have also uploaded the original sprite sheet for confirmation of discoloration & transparent pixels. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have already checked the spritesheet thoroughly for transparent 'colored' pixels, and none were to be found. Here’s the script :: // FLOOR var floor = new THREE.Mesh ( new THREE.PlaneBufferGeometry ( 1000, 1000, 32, 32 ), new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial ( { color: 0x555555, wireframe: true } ) ); // ROTATE FLOOR floor.rotation.x = ( - ( Math.PI / 2 ) ); // ADD FLOOR TO SCENE this.scene.add ( floor ); // PLAYER var playerTexture = new THREE.TextureLoader ( ).load ( "images/male.png" ); // TURN ON PIXELATION playerTexture.magFilter = THREE.NearestFilter; playerTexture.minFilter = THREE.LinearMipMapLinearFilter; // PLAYER MATERIAL var playerMaterial = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial ( { map : playerTexture, transparent : true, opacity : 1.0, side : THREE.DoubleSide, depthTest : false, depthWrite : false, } ); // PLAYER MESH this.player = new THREE.Mesh ( new THREE.PlaneBufferGeometry ( 64, 64 ), playerMaterial ); // POSITION PLAYER this.player.position.x = 25; this.player.position.y = 25; this.player.position.z = 25; // ADD PLAYER TO SCENE this.scene.add ( this.player ); Please note, I have already tried :: playerTexture.minFilter = THREE.LinearFilter; the above didn't work. Also, I have tried :: var playerMaterial = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial( { map : playerTexture, side : THREE.DoubleSide, alphaTest: 0.5 } ); and although alphaTest 'does' work in 'some' respects, it also removes the colored transparent pixels which shouldn't be transparent at all. I have also noticed that some of my sprite is discolored if you simply compare the screenshot I included in this post to an up-close view of the spritesheet I uploaded. Thank You very much to those who can help me!
  6. I just wanna walk and swing a sword. Link from Legend of Zelda series is a PERFECT idea of what I want to do here. As long as it can be done easily & free that's all I care about. An example would be great! <3 Thank you SO MUCH! <3 ~M
  7. Again, thanks bro but it doesn't really help if I cannot afford it... Can someone please help that deals with atlases & animations? Thanks ~M
  8. Thank you but this doesn't really help.. no offense. ~M
  9. You can't just flip-flop? Or maybe trick it and change the sprite's alpha to 0 and switch to the 2nd sprite then after the attack set THAT alpha to 0 and switch back to the original sprite? I need a demo example that can do this.
  10. Yes @Secretmapper I'm using 2 animation atlases.