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  1. Try adding a console.log in listener function to see if it's getting called... See it in Chrome Javascript Console. function listener () { console.log("Called");}
  2. hi, maybe something like this inside a function (Obviously this can be better with the use of groups and a pool of objects) //RANDOM ALTITUDE var altitude = game.rnd.integerInRange(0, game.world.bounds.height); //ADD SPRITE TO GAME var platform = game.add.sprite(game, altitude, 'platform'); //TWEEN X POSITION (CAN BE RANDOM TIME ALSO) var t = game.add.tween(platform); t.to({x: 0}, 5000, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true); t.start();
  3. It's returning to the first frame of animation. Try replacing: framedemo.animations.stop();framedemo.frame = 0;By: framedemo.animations.stop('count', 0);
  4. Hi, where are you calling that createAlien function?
  5. rdnOutput: In my case, I feel it has to do with the level of perfection that I want to achieve, I never feel like if I have a finished product. :/
  6. Hi Paul, great game! I like it so much! I have a question, did you use tiles in this?
  7. Also can do by frame name figure1.frameName = "stand"
  8. Hi, I finally managed to find the problem, in the render method you can't debug the group itself, you must loop it, like this: this.groupOfBunnies.forEachAlive(function(bunny){ this.game.debug.body( bunny );}, this);Also, you're missing to include phaser.map in your src folder.
  9. Are you starting the physics system?
  10. A useful function is setAll, setAll(key, value, checkAlive, checkVisible, operation, force)it sets properties of all children of group even it they do not exists, take a look at http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Group.html#setAll)
  11. Weird... Please make sure you're using Phaser with P2 bundled.
  12. Are you getting any error in the javascript console?
  13. I am not an expert but i think you are missing the part where you enable the physic body, something like: game.physics.enable(sprite, 'arcade');Also don't forget to start the physics engine.
  14. Hi, with phaser you just reference the main div, all the work of loading assets is from phaser directly.
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