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  1. Try adding a console.log in listener function to see if it's getting called... See it in Chrome Javascript Console. function listener () { console.log("Called");}
  2. hi, maybe something like this inside a function (Obviously this can be better with the use of groups and a pool of objects) //RANDOM ALTITUDE var altitude = game.rnd.integerInRange(0, game.world.bounds.height); //ADD SPRITE TO GAME var platform = game.add.sprite(game, altitude, 'platform'); //TWEEN X POSITION (CAN BE RANDOM TIME ALSO) var t = game.add.tween(platform); t.to({x: 0}, 5000, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true); t.start();
  3. It's returning to the first frame of animation. Try replacing: framedemo.animations.stop();framedemo.frame = 0;By: framedemo.animations.stop('count', 0);
  4. Hi, where are you calling that createAlien function?
  5. rdnOutput: In my case, I feel it has to do with the level of perfection that I want to achieve, I never feel like if I have a finished product. :/
  6. Hi Paul, great game! I like it so much! I have a question, did you use tiles in this?
  7. Also can do by frame name figure1.frameName = "stand"
  8. Hi, I finally managed to find the problem, in the render method you can't debug the group itself, you must loop it, like this: this.groupOfBunnies.forEachAlive(function(bunny){ this.game.debug.body( bunny );}, this);Also, you're missing to include phaser.map in your src folder.
  9. Are you starting the physics system?
  10. A useful function is setAll, setAll(key, value, checkAlive, checkVisible, operation, force)it sets properties of all children of group even it they do not exists, take a look at http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Group.html#setAll)
  11. Weird... Please make sure you're using Phaser with P2 bundled.
  12. Are you getting any error in the javascript console?
  13. I am not an expert but i think you are missing the part where you enable the physic body, something like: game.physics.enable(sprite, 'arcade');Also don't forget to start the physics engine.
  14. Hi, with phaser you just reference the main div, all the work of loading assets is from phaser directly.
  15. Yes Funkyy, I am implementing some things for spice up a bit. For example, when an enemy touch you, will lose power ups, also enemies with the ability of firing (Maybe grapes), maybe enemies that not die in first shot, what do you think about this ideas?
  16. Great SAM, but do you have a device recognition function or something? Canvas for iOS and WebGl for android?? Or all Canvas?
  17. I've found actually that the hardest part of developing a game is actually finishing it. I have 5 prototypes, no one finished. :/
  18. Still with the latest version of Phaser (downloaded yesterday Nov 18 2014) the performance on iPad 2 WebGl is terrible!, I am just drawing a pair of images and the FPS don't go up of 25.
  19. If your sprites are numbered in sequence (starting at sprite0), try this in your create function... create: function() { var totalSprites = 10; var groupWinLoseDraw = game.add.group(); var space = 50; var spriteWidth = 200; for(var i=0; i<totalSprites; i++){ var positionX = (i*spriteWidth) + (i*space); groupWinLoseDraw.create(positionX, 30,'sprite'+i); }},
  20. Please paste here your function addGroupOfBunnies.
  21. Try this.body.offset.setTo(-20, -30);
  22. I am using last version downloaded yesterday from phaser.io, My sprite does not have transparency and not using any blend mode, if I set render mode to WebGL, the clouds appear 100% white, setting it to canvas cause the clouds to "blend" with the background.