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  1. Of course, I meant the listeners were active but didn't trigger when the button was removed from dispolay list. But here, in Phaser, they are still triggering even if they aren't in the display list. It's extremely illogically for me About group.destroy(), it works as you said, it removes the listeners as well, but in my case i'd like not to remove the window and re-create it each time. P.S. BTW, after removing the group I tried to set ourGroup.visible = false and, suddenly, it disabled the listeners! WTF? Why, why removing the group from stage (or world) left them active, but just setting group.visible to false - disables them??
  2. Just noticed an issue. Lets say we have a group named OurGroup with three buttons (represents settings window with buttons 'soundOn', 'pause', 'close'). Each button have its own inputDown listener (or any else like inputOver, inputOut etc.). Then we add this group to the game via It works perfect, all the buttons are clickable and so on. Some time later, we want to remove the group from the game (i.e. user clicked the close button on our window) by itself: /*somewhere in the OurGroup class*/ if(this.parent) { this.parent.removeChild(this); } OK, the OurGroup has succesfully removed from the game, it's invisible. But! The listeners attached to the group's buttons are still active and react the input events! Could someone explain me is it a bug or I'm doing something wrong? I migrated to Phaser from flash, and there after have removed a DisplayObject from a stage, all listeners attached to it were removed as well.
  3. Wow, a really huge work here! Btw, how much team members worked on your game?
  4. Really nice idea. Good luck, man!
  5. Sorry for offtopic, but i can't find game on your site because it's empty (i see only logo footer). It's alright with site?
  6. Hello everyone. I'm started HTML developer with flash/as3 experience. Which HTML5 game engine would be good for me? I heard about createjs and Phaser. Which one of them is better?