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  1. Above 200 is pretty good. I manage to get 600 once but never above 300 again. --Martin
  2. Game is now released: Download from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Download from Google Play on your Android phone or tablet. Thanks to everyone for your help! More details in this post:
  3. Miam Boom! is now available on iOS and Android. Find them here: Download from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Download from Google Play on your Android phone or tablet. You can also play online in your browser: Game Objective Slide your monster left and right to catch falling fruit but avoid the bombs and energy drinks. Try to get the highest score. Development Miam Boom was developed with my own framework Backbone Game Engine. It is my second game to be released to iOS and Android using (cordova). The game was designed with my 10-year old daughter. I learned a few things building this game. Notably supporting any device size. I wrote a post about it here. Other things I learned: - Sound does not work well in WebView+. Delays and some don't play. This is because the device requires a user action before playing the sound. This causes some sounds not to play and others to be delayed. Use Canvas+ instead. - Cordova provides tons of great plugins to gain access to the native device features. Notably native share and language detect. Really easy to use and powerful. Thanks to the community for providing feedback, especially @b10b (see previous post). --Martin
  4. @b10b I made some improvements based on your feedback. Notably if you catch a star, you will fall in a bonus round. I also improved the AI to avoid throwing two items too far apart to catch them, or throwing a bomb overlapping a fruit. You can also now choose your character. GUI not yet fully functional though. The game has also moved to its own domain. Sound still to come. Feedback welcome. --Martin
  5. @b10b I integrated some of your feedback. Please have another look. Are the heuristics for throwing fruit better? Any other thoughts on that? --Martin
  6. @shohan4556 I will use CocoonJS with their accelerated canvas. I've used it in a past game and it really works well. CocoonJS also supports Cordova by the way.
  7. @b10b Great idea about the progressive curb instead of randomness to favor skills instead of luck. Thanks!
  8. @totor, are you on a desktop or touch device? Keep its mouth open to eat, by holding down your finger on a touch device, or holding down the mouse button on a desktop. If that doesn't work, please report browser and device so I can investigate.
  9. I built this cute little game to be released on iPhone, iPod and Android phone devices. If you have a device, please try by going to this URL, and adding it to your home screen. Designed to work in full screen portrait mode. You can also try it on desktop if you don't have a device nearby, or if you're lazy:) I'm looking for feedback, especially if you have an Android. Already works top notch on iPhones and iPods. Have fun, --Martin P.S. My top score is 103. Try to beat that!
  10. I've done a lot of research on this and for porting to mobile your best bet is CocoonJS. Canvas+ from CocoonJS is the fastest. It is optimized to load and handle images and sound efficiently. It is canvas only though. Checkout Ludo's Quest to get a feel. As for a framework, Phaser, Pixi or any other framework will do. Its a question of preference. I ended up building my own (Backbone Game Engine) in order to have full control. Best of luck, --Martin
  11. @marcgfx I've implemented the proper keyboard keys. In addition, and to @staff0rd, Ludo slides a bit less. I'm trying to keep things a bit realistic with momentum. Let me know if I should tone it down some more.
  12. @staff0rd keyboard navigation for menus is coming. This is a must for using a gamepad. Thanks for your feedback.
  13. If space bar is for jumping, what would you use for attacking? I'll work on the sliding and other things you reported. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Ludo's Quest was first developed for mobile. I'm working on a PC version. Just added Gamepad control using the HTML5 gamepad API. Works in Chrome and Firefox. Looking for feedback on how well it works. If you have a generic, Play Station or Xbox controller, I'd like you to test it and some feedback. Martin Drapeau